The Essential Paintball Equipment List: All The Accessories Included

Paintball Equipment List
Paintball is more than a physical and fun activity. It is a sport in which you have to be agile and always focused on your position as well as that of the opponent. The game also involves good communication between the teammates and a well-defined plan of action.

So, it requires good teamwork, great physical condition, and a perfect strategy to win. To help your team properly, you must be properly equipped. High-end paintball gear offers you advantages and comfort to continue fighting on the field.

You need paintball clothes that offer you enough coverage and protection. You will crawl, slide, and run a lot, so you want to avoid scratches and cuts. Once you’re done with clothes, you need paintball shoes with a good amount of grip and support to your ankle.

Finally, you need a top-notch paintball gun. Before investing in one, I recommend you take your time and learn how to choose a paintball gun right for you.

With that in mind, I’ve rounded up the essential pieces of gear for your next paintball game. Let’s get started.

Paintball Gun

Paintball guns are fundamental elements of the paintball experience. Without one, you cannot take part in a game of paintball.

They come in a variety of forms, from mechanical paintball guns to electric, and even fully-automatic paintball guns. The diversity can overwhelm some, but all you have to do is to document yourself a little about the components of a paintball gun. Most paintball guns are made up of the same set of items. What differs more are some features like barrel length and hopper capacity.

Once you know about its external and internal structure, it is easier to decide which one is good for you and which type of mechanism suits you. Also, with all this information you will be a real professional and know exactly how to clean a paintball gun.

Paintball Mask

The paintball mask or paintball goggles are an absolute must-have in paintball. And when I say must-have, I refer even to those who have been playing paintball for 10 years. Paintball involves lots of potential hits and you have to cover your entire face and especially your eyes from all that paint and debris.

The paintball mask consists of a plastic or fiberglass frame, an adjustable strap to the back of the head, and a pair of lenses or goggles.

Masks are available in many variants, designs, and sizes. Some masks are stylish, but some flaunt a different, scary look like a ghost paintball mask.

If you wear glasses, there is no reason to worry. When it comes to the best paintball mask for glasses you will be amazed at how many options are there.

Different masks can be accessorized, while others even allow you to change the goggles with a new pair in less than 2 minutes.

There are choices for all budgets from the cheapest paintball mask to the most expensive ones.

Regardless of the type chosen, if you want to protect it, you have to keep it in a paintball mask case.

Paintball Gloves

Paintball also involves hiding from opponents. Sometimes you will be put in situations to crawl, dive, or slide on rough terrain, which can hurt your hands. To keep your hands healthy and cut-free you should opt for wearing paintball gloves.

There are four types of paintball gloves that you can choose from. Each has its advantages, but they all fulfill the ultimate role of protecting your hands and fingers. Some of the best paintball gloves are made from top-notch materials with sturdy stitching and offer better control over the paintball gun.

All you have to do is find out how to choose the right paintball gloves for you and wear them.

Paintball Clothing

Like any sportswear, paintball gear helps the player stay protected and aid performance by providing enough comfort and mobility.

Paintball Jersey

The paintball jerseys can be distinguished very well from normal jerseys. They feature different patterns, the most popular being the camouflage ones that make you invisible in the environment.

The best paintball jerseys are those that are made with durable and breathable materials, such as mesh or lightweight fabrics, to provide comfort and protection during play. It is understandable, especially since paintball is a physically demanding sport in which you have a lot of contact with the ground.

Other extra features are the chest, shoulder, and elbows padded zones. They protect these areas of the body from bruising and other impacts.

They are available in various colors, designs, and sizes ranging from XS to even 3XL paintball jerseys.

Paintball Pants

Just like the paintball jerseys, the paintball pants have a slightly different design. They have a sturdy but lightweight material, and a lot of pockets. The pockets help the player carry extra gear, paintballs, and many more paintball stuff.

One of the most comfortable and protective options is the paintball padded pants. This type of paintball pants has injected foam that protects areas subjected to effort such as the knees.

They also come in various colors, patterns, and designs to match the paintball jersey and other gear.

Combat Suit

Those who often play paintball in the forest or outdoor environments can choose to dress in combo suits or camouflage suits. This type of clothing will make you get lost in the landscape and become hard to identify by others.

These combo suits for paintball often come in various patterns to match different environments like forests, deserts, and more. A combo suit can contain a full-body suit, a jumpsuit and a vest, or even pants and a shirt.

Paintball Shoes

The paintball shoes are loaded up with features to meet the demands of this sport. They secure and cushion the feet for extra protection. The reinforced toes prevent injury, while the foam padding absorbs the impact of running and jumping. Another important feature of the paintball shoes is the reinforced ankle protection, which you need when rolling and twisting the feet.

However, lots of paintball players prefer to wear other types of shoes when playing paintball. Among the most popular choices are football cleats, soccer cleats, and military or combat boots. If you are interested in these options, I also covered some of the best football cleats as well as the best soccer cleats. To help you even more I also put together the difference between soccer and football cleats, so you know what’s best for you.

Ultimately, the best paintball shoes depend on the player’s style and preferences.

Paintball Accessories

Paintball Grenades

The paintball grenades are exactly what the name suggests. They resemble in design the same as real grenades and simulate their effect as well. The paintball grenades are divided into exploding ones and non-explosive ones.

The paintball-exploding grenades are filled with paint and make a loud noise when they come into contact with a hard surface.

The non-explosive category includes paintball smoke grenades that emit a lot of smoke and ones that resemble water balloons. The paintball smoke grenades can be found in smaller but also larger sizes. They are classified according to the duration of the time of the smoke and cloud size.

These paintball accessories are perfect for scenario style and add a touch of fun and excitement to the game.

Paintball barrel case

A paintball barrel case is a casing that keeps your barrel kit organized and protected. It is made of durable and rain-resistant materials. On the inside, it has padding so that the barrel kit stays safe during transport. Some of them can host more than 8 backs/fronts.

Paintball mask case

The paintball mask is made up of lenses and goggles. The part with lenses is more delicate and must be protected from anything that can scratch it. A paintball mask case keeps the paintball mask safe during transport and storage. It is designed from hard material and can accommodate one or more masks at a time.

Paintball harness

In order to carry extra containers with paintballs, also known as paintball pods, some of the players wear a paintball harness. This accessory is similar to a belt that ties them around the waist. Some even have room for storing another CO2 or HPA tank, and even extra pockets.

Paintball goggles

Paintball goggles protect your eyes from any debris during the game. I know that most people call them paintball masks, but here I am only referring to goggles with lenses. They can be worn simply without the other elements. The paintball goggles have a strap that secures behind the head.

Paintball Gear Bag

Transporting the entire paintball equipment is possible with a paintball gear case. The gear case features a telescopic handle and wheels for easy transportation to and from the paintball field. All your gear is organized in one place, minimizing the risk of losing something.

Paintball Tank Cover or Case

You can offer protection to your CO2 or HPA tank by placing it in a tank cover or case.

A tank cover is usually made from neoprene and nylon and protects the tank from scratches and other damages. On the other side, a tank cover is made of sturdy plastic with padding that is secured by a zipper.

Anti Fog Spray

The paintball anti-fog spray must be applied to the lens of the paintball mask or goggles. This solution will prevent them from fogging up during the paintball game.

Paintball Radar Chrono

If you want to closely monitor the velocity of the paintballs shot by your gun, take a paintball radar chrono. This small device measures the speed of the paintball by displaying it on the screen after it has passed the sensor.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, paintball requires some crucial pieces of equipment to stay safe and protected from all paint and debris. Although the paint is completely safe, the impact is a little painful. Here the equipment also has the role of absorbing the shock of impacts.

Try to invest in the equipment that suits you and your needs.

If you’re searching for paintball gift ideas for an avid paintball player, I recommend you take a close look at the list of paintball accessories for cool ideas that any enthusiast would enjoy.

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