All About Paintball Gun Barrels: Priceless Insights, Advice & Accessories

Paintball Gun Barrels
Paintball gun barrels can be easily changed whenever you feel the need to make an update to your paintball gun or to try something different through a new style of play.
These paintball gun accessories are found in many types on the market.

Some players even prefer to have a set or kit with several types and alternate them depending on the type of paintball they want to tackle.

Due to their variety, they are on the list of the best paintball gift ideas for paintball enthusiasts. As someone without knowledge interested in giving a gift, you don’t need to know a lot and you don’t need to consult any paintball gun buying guide or other information.

Today you’ll find out what a paintball gun barrel is, its importance, how many types are available on the market, and how it can impact your paintball performance.

What are paintball gun barrels?

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A paintball gun barrel is one of the components of a paintball gun that helps fire paintballs. The paintball actually travels along the barrel before being launched out of the gun.

A barrel can be made of several types of materials and comes in different lengths and sizes.

Regardless of length, any barrel has three main parts called:

  1. threading
  2. the barrel shaft
  3. the porting

The paintball gun threading is the part connected to the gun. It is a screw-on part that attaches to the gun’s body. Each paintball gun has a specific threading pattern that fits. If you want a certain barrel, but the threading does not match, you can try to add an adapter. But it is preferable to take a barrel whose threading ensures a secure fit.

Some of the common threading patterns are Tippman 98, Autococker, Impulse, Ion, and Tippmann A-5.

The barrel shaft is the long and cylindrical portion of the barrel. It is the part a paintball travels all along. It helps to stabilize and establish the trajectory of the paintball.

The last element is called porting and can be described as small holes along the barrel. These openings let the air in and out to create perfect pressure inside the barrel for the paintball. Their placement differs from model to model or depending on the manufacturer.

Types of paintball gun barrels

Types of paintball gun barrels
To answer the question of how many paintball gun barrels are there, I would have to know from which point of view you look.

The classification of paintball gun barrels can be done according to several factors such as material, construction, length, bore size, porting, and threading.

But, I will cover them all below. Let’s see together.

MaterialWhen it comes to material, as we mentioned above, paintball gun barrels can be made of carbon fiber, aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. So, there are four types of paintball guns depending on the type of material

ConstructionThere are barrels made from one piece, called one-piece barrels, and some from two pieces known as two-piece barrels. The two-piece ones are made of back and front pieces that are screwed together.

LengthThe length of a paintball gun barrel ranges from 8 inches to 24 inches. Among the most preferred by paintball players are the 8, 14, and 16 inches ones.

Bore SizeThe bore size is actually the diameter of the inside of the cylinder. The dimensions are usually between 0.675 inches to 0.698 inches, with the most common being 0.689 inches.

ThreadingFrom a threading point of view, there are the following types: Spyder, Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98, Autococker, Ion, and Impulse.

Table 1. Paintball Guns Barrels Compatibility
SPYDER468, T68, 32 Degrees, Sten, Ariakon, Zap, Spyder MR1/MR2/MR3, Viewloader, Silver Bullets, Spyder, PMI, Rebel Extreme,Piranha, PCS US5, Odyssey, Mongoose, JT, IconZ, Inferno, Armotech, Brass Eagle, Diablo, Dragun PMI, GT Commandos
SMART PARTSShocker, Impulse, Shocker SFT, Vibe, SP1,SP-8, Ion, Ion XE, Nerve, Shoker NXT
TIPPMANN 98Storm, Blizzard, US Army Carver, US Army Project Salvo, US Army Alpha Black, TPN Sierra One, TPN Bravo One, FT-12
TIPPMANN A-5Bolt, Tornado, Vortex, MK5, MK7, MKP-, MKP-II, A5, X7, Phenom, TiPX,TGR, MILSIG, Chronus, BT Combat,BT Delta, BT Slice, Huricane, Maxtac
AUTOCOCKERFusions, Gen E-matrix, Intimidators, Invert Mini, Legens,Aliens, Autococker, BT TM15,BT TM7, Bushmaster, DYE, Egas, Eteks, Freestyles, Minions, Omen, ONYX, Proteges, Protos, PythonImpulse, Quest, Dye Dam, Wrath,Vice, Wikings

PortingThere are several types of porting on paintball gun barrels like straight porting, spiral porting, reverse porting, and felix porting.

What are paintball gun barrels made of?

The most common materials from which paintball gun barrels are made are aluminum, carbon fiber, stainless steel, and titanium.

The carbon fiber barrels and the aluminum ones are very lightweight but durable. On the other hand, the stainless steel paintball gun barrels make the paintball gun a little heavier. Although heavier, the stainless steel ones are very stable. Titanium ones are the most expensive paintball gun barrels.

Did you know: In the 1990s, paintball gun barrels were also made using brass? Brass is a soft and yellow material. It is no longer used today

All in all, the material does not influence the barrel’s performance, but it affects the overall weight of the paintball gun.

After all, it depends on what exactly you are looking for and what your preferences are.

What’s the best paintball gun barrel length?

It is thought that the paintball gun’s barrel length affects the accuracy of a paintball gun. The barrel length can range from 6 inches to 24 inches.

Some consider that a long paintball gun barrel ensures better performance than a shorter one, which is true to a certain extent.

Short paintball gun barrels of 8 to 10 inches are quite effective at shooting paintballs. Some players prefer this type of barrel because they are light and easy to handle. Due to their short length, they do not consume a lot of CO2 or compressed air from the tank, so you can play longer. Your shots are fast. However, when you shoot, they are quite noisy.

Longer paintball gun barrels offer good shooting accuracy. The long barrel, meaning one between 12 and 24 inches, makes the paintball travel a longer path which helps it direct its trajectory. However, a very long barrel that makes the ball travel a longer distance, makes the paintball gun ineffective. A longer travel distance of the paintball on the barrel means that the gun needs a much larger amount of CO2 or air. Plus, a paintball can lose its acceleration in an extremely long barrel and, therefore, travels a short distance once it is out of the barrel.

So, what’s the best paintball length? The most popular among paintball players is the 14-inch one. A 14-inch paintball gun barrel is long enough to correct the trajectory of the paintball, but not long enough to affect its speed.

What makes a paintball gun barrel accurate?

What makes a paintball gun barrel accurate
There is this myth that the accuracy in paintball games is given entirely by the paintball gun barrel itself. This myth is more common among paintball beginners or those who want to try this game.

But let’s see why it’s not only the paintball gun barrel.

If you’re looking for an ideal paintball gun barrel for accuracy, then you should pay attention to the barrel length, size, and straightness. These factors definitely contribute to the accuracy of a paintball gun barrel.

The length of a paintball gun barrel for good accuracy is between 14 and 16 inches. These inches are enough to correct the trajectory of the paintball before it leaves the barrel. The paintball manages to keep an ideal speed as well as a good trajectory.

If it is longer than that, the paintball will have a lower speed on the exit.

The straightness of the barrel also affects the trajectory of the paintball. You want to have a straight barrel, so try to take care of it and store it in a barrel case.

But as I said, a paintball gun barrel is not all. What is extremely decisive in paintball accuracy are the paintballs.

Paintballs are the key element that will decide the accuracy of a player.

Yes, of course, it is recommended to choose a good barrel insert that fits the paintballs you plan to use.

However, if the paintballs are not of superior quality, you will not get that straight shoot. Find out what properties the paintballs must have and what are the best paintballs to use in order to have the desired accuracy.

To sum it up, you will get the most accurate paintball gun barrel if it is straight, of the right length, of the right size, and if you use good quality paintballs.

How to choose the ideal bore size

The ideal bore size or back insert for your paintball gun barrel depends entirely on the paintballs used.

Before choosing a barrel insert, you must check if it is the right one.

The process of checking if you have the perfect bore is simple:

  1. Take a barrel insert and several paintballs from the same package. Many times, paintballs from the same package are a little different, so it is recommended to have more on hand.
  2. Put the paintball inside the barrel insert. If the paintball goes through the barrel and falls, then that bore size is too big for your paintballs. Your performance will be low if you choose to continue with such an insert.

If the paintball remains inside the barrel, then try blowing it into the barrel insert. If the paintball falls after you blow, then you have found your ideal bore size. You should try it with another 5-6 paintballs from the same package to be sure. If they all pass the test, then congratulations – you’ve found your bore size.

If the ball does not pass through the barrel after blowing, it means that your bore size is too small. A smaller bore size will cause your paintballs to be broken inside the barrel and you won’t be able to shoot anyone.

Just take your time when choosing the right bore size for you. This small and simple process can guarantee your winning.

How to clean a paintball gun barrel

The paintball gun barrel must be cleaned both inside and outside.

To clean the outside part of a paintball gun barrel, you can use a toothbrush to scrub the dry dirt. After you have cleaned the dry paint, then you can wipe it at the end with a microfiber or another type of cloth, but not too rough so as not to scratch.

The interior of a paintball gun barrel is cleaned with a barrel swab or paintball gun barrel squeegee. You can choose a cotton or microfiber barrel swab. You have to squeeze the swab inside the barrel, and then run the barrel swab through the barrel 2-3 times.

If you don’t have a squeegee, then you can use a normal cotton or microfiber cloth. You can push it into the barrel and try to pull it on the other side. It is a more difficult process, but cheaper.

If you decide to use a little water to clean the paintball gun barrel, then put the barrel to air dry. The barrel must be completely dry before use.

Paintball gun barrel Tips & Advice

  1. Think about your game style before choosing a paintball gun barrel. A short paintball gun barrel doesn’t allow you to hide very well and you have to stay on the surface. A long paintball gun barrel allows you to take shelter in the bunker and only take the barrel out of the bunker to shoot.
  2. A shorter paintball gun barrel makes a loud noise when it fires. This can give away your position. If you have a short paintball gun barrel, be careful where you shoot from. A longer paintball gun barrel is quieter and will not allow the opponent to locate your position.
  3. Consider the mobility you want to have. A short paintball gun barrel is easy to handle and you have a lot of freedom of movement. It allows you to be agile.
  4. Always check before entering the game if you have the correct bore size for your paintballs. Paintballs change their structure depending on humidity and temperature. That’s why it’s good to do a second check.
  5. Always clean the paintball gun barrel. A barrel squeegee and swab can help you keep your barrel in good condition.

Paintball Gun Barrel Accessories

Paintball gun barrel covers

Paintball gun barrel covers, also known as paintball gun barrel socks, are safety devices. This type of device covers the end of the paintball gun’s barrel when it is not used. They are mainly used in the safe areas on paintball fields.

Inside the safe zones, the players are allowed to off their goggles and all players must set up the paintball gun barrel cover. If a paintball gun goes off, the cover will stop the paintball and no one is hurt. Some paintball fields have very strict rules, so don’t forget the paintball gun barrel cover at home.

The paintball gun barrel cover is made of durable materials such as rubber, silicon, neoprene, and many more. They have an elastic strap that you can hook around the back of the gun.

The variety of designs is very large. You can always opt for a simple one, but I can tell you that there are some funny paintball gun barrel covers that you will want to have.

paintball gun barrel plug

A paintball gun barrel plug is another protective device that covers the end of the barrel and prevents paintballs from being accidentally fired. It is made of rubber and is inserted at the end of the barrel. Compared to the paintball gun barrel cover, the paintball gun barrel plug is considered less safe. If you choose to use a plug, you should know that some fields are very strict and do not accept them.

paintball gun barrel case

A paintball gun barrel case helps you store and transport safely your paintball gun barrel. It has a design similar to a storage case and is secured by a zipper or other systems. Made of nylon or plastic, the paintball gun barrel case minimizes the risk of scratching the barrel. Some of the paintball gun barrel covers have other features such as shoulder straps or even pockets.

paintball gun barrel kits

The paintball gun barrel kit is a perfect choice to update your paintball gun. The main role of the paintball gun barrel kit is to improve the accuracy of the paintball gun and, therefore, the performance of the player.

paintball gun barrel kits can be of several types. The simplest paintball gun barrel kit contains one-piece barrels in different sizes.

Another type of paintball gun barrel kit model contains two front pieces and multiple barrel backs in various dimensions. The last type of paintball gun barrel kit includes a front and back piece and different inserts in various sizes that slide into the barrel back.

paintball gun barrel camera

The paintball gun barrel camera is an accessory that you can add to your paintball gun. It records your entire gameplay experience. Placed on the paintball gun barrel, this device gives you an overview of your shots and allows you to reanalyze your entire game or strategy. To install a paintball gun barrel camera, you also need a paintball gun barrel camera mount. It’s good to read exactly what the camera includes because some include a camera mount and some don’t.

paintball gun barrel swab

A paintball gun barrel swab or a paintball gun barrel squeegee has the appearance of a brush. It is made from fabrics like microfiber, foam, or cotton and has awesome absorption properties.

This piece helps you clean the barrel of broken paintballs, dirt, and debris. Cleaning the barrel with a paintball gun barrel swab or squeegee increases the accuracy and performance of a paintball gun.


Do paintball gun barrels make a difference?

Yes, paintball gun barrels make a difference when playing paintball. A longer barrel of 14 to 16 inches will ensure better accuracy when firing. Those 14-16 inches of the barrel give the paintball the opportunity to correct its trajectory until it exits the barrel. Your shots will be extremely accurate.

However, it is good not to exaggerate the length of the barrel, because one that is too long can ruin the performance. If the barrel is too long, the paintball, although with a good trajectory, loses its speed. You will not be able to shoot at greater distances.

The shorter paintball gun barrel of around 8 to 10 inches allows you to fire quickly. You no longer have to wait for the paintball to hit the target.

All in all, paintball gun barrels can make a difference in your game.

What bore-size paintball gun barrel is the best?

The best bore-size paintball gun barrel is the .689 because it is the most common among manufacturers. Other popular barrel sizes among players are .684, .687, and .693.

Do paintball gun barrels need O-rings?

Yes, paintball gun barrels need O-rings to prevent air from escaping from inside the barrel. An O-ring acts as a tight seal that does not allow air or gas to leak. It maintains the necessary pressure inside the barrel to shoot paintballs.

Does a longer barrel mean more accuracy?

A longer barrel does not necessarily mean more accuracy. Although the longer barrel can improve the accuracy of a paintball gun, there are other factors that play an important role. A longer barrel of 14-16 inches gives you good accuracy if you use top-notch paintballs. A very long one of 20-24 inches, will cause the paintball to lose its speed.

Final thoughts

Overall, the paintball gun barrel is one of the components of a paintball gun that largely determines its accuracy.

The diversity of paintball gun barrels is immense, differing in length, bore size, porting style, materials, and threading. All these determine the performance of a paintball gun barrel, but accuracy will always be achieved only together with some high-quality paintballs.
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