Power Cushion 02 Badminton Shoes By Yonex

These reliable and comfortable yonex badminton shoes are named Power Cushion 02, and just as their name suggests, they offer incredible support and cushioning. These traits are incredibly important for serious badminton players, as it allows them to perform at their best during intense matches. The upper was created using P.U. leather, and it features a polyester mesh as well as a durable skin.

Power Cushion 02 Badminton Shoes By Yonex

As for the ToughBird Light midsole, it incorporates technologies such as Power Cushion and Solid E.V.A., T.P.U. and a 3D power Graphite sheet. The outsole was created using durable rubber, and the model is available in a blue/white colorway complemented by pinkish touches on the heel and laces.

Power Cushion 02 Badminton Shoes, Sole

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