Practical Compact Fishing Systems By Wor.My

Fishing can be an incredibly relaxing and rewarding experience, but the equipment necessary for this activity is often large, clunky and hard to carry around. Fishing rods come in a variety of sizes, and the same can be said about hooks and bait, but instead of carrying around all of that bulk every time you want to catch some fish at your favorite spot, you now have the alternative of using a compact, modular fishing rod courtesy of

Wor.My Compact fishing rod Compact fishing rod by Wor.My, Spring-Poles Compact fishing rod Compact-Modular Fishing System by Wor.My

The product in question performs pretty much the same as conventional rods. The difference is that the body’s functioning is based on a stainless steel spring. The user can apply interchangeable springs with various mechanical properties depending on the fishing method and casting weights. Thanks to these spring-poles, the overall length of the rod is reduced considerably, which also allows fishing enthusiasts to perform this activity in places where longer rods would be of no use.

Compact-Modular Fishing System Fishing rod Modular fishing rod Stainless steel Fishing Rod by Wor.My Stainless steel Fishing Rod Wor.My fishing rod

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