Practical Surf Backpack By Koraloc

Those of you who practice surfing know very well how difficult it can be to carry around a surfboard all the time, particularly if you have to walk a bit to your favorite surfing spot. This includes traveling through the jungle or even out on a boat, which is why a company named Koraloc has decided to create a backpack designed specifically to carry surfboards.

Practical Surf Backpack By Koraloc

Actually, each bag can hold up to three surfboards thanks to a patented feature that is attached to the back of the product, and since the bag itself offers a storage space of 29 liters (7.6 gallons), it has plenty of room for your wetsuits, clothes and towels. The extra laptop pocket is also a big plus, as is the wet dry bag, the adjustable waist belts with pockets, and the side pockets for wax and fins. Even if you don’t surf, this bag can still prove useful, as it can be used to carry around wakeboards, beach chairs or snowboards.

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