Presenting The Dependable Garmin Swim Watch

If you want to take your swimming sessions seriously, then you’re going to need a reliable gadget on your wrist that would be able to record your stroke count, stroke type, pace, distance and overall swimming efficiency. The Garmin Swim Watch is a great candidate, as it can do all of the above while offering a water resistance of 50 meters. That’s quite impressive!

Blue Garmin Swim Watch

Apart from its extensive monitoring capabilities, this watch can also upload these stats wirelessly to Garmin Connect for an in-depth online analysis. All you have to do is strap this watch onto your wrist and input the size of the pool that you’re swimming in. Since it is a swimming watch, it features a slim profile that will not slow you down one bit. Other functions include a daily alarm, a calendar, a dual time zone and a time of day display. The display resolution is 55 x 31 pixels, and the overall weight of the watch is just 1.4 oz. Last but not least, it’s worth noting that its battery lasts for an entire year, and that it can be changed easily by the user when the need arises.

Garmin Swim Watch with Garmin Connect Garmin Swim Watch Swim Watch by Garmin with Garmin Connect Swim Watch by Garmin The Dependable Garmin Swim Watch

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