Presenting The Oro Performance Jacket By 7Mesh

Designed and manufactured by a Vancouver-based company named 7Mesh, the Oro Jacket is a lightweight, stylish, and comfortable product that was inspired by the principle of “less is more.” That’s why it has a minimalistic look with a simple black colorway complemented by a subtle brand logo on the upper left side of the chest.

7mesh Oro Performance Jacket The Oro Performance Jacket By 7Mesh Fabric, Fully waterproof cycling jacket 7mesh Oro Performance Jacket for Men, Gore Tex

The product is completely waterproof yet breathable, and it tips the scales at less than 3.5 ounces. This lightness was achieved by blending a GORE-TEX Active fabric with SHAKEDRY technology, while the unique patterning helps reduce seam bulk. Other highlights include 360-degree reflectivity, a welded raw hem edge, various pockets and vents, as well as customized YKK sliders that act s zippers.

7mesh Fully waterproof cycling jacket Fully waterproof cycling jacket by 7mesh Fully waterproof cycling jacket

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