Presenting The Boris Becker Delta Core ProRacquet

Tennis rackets are dime a dozen but only a select few manufacturers can actually claim to create professional, high-quality tennis rackets for both power and control. Former world No.1 professional tennis player Boris Franz Becker used to be a big fan of Puma equipment, but now he owns his personal line of racquets and apparel.

One of the most impressive rackets to bear his name is the Boris Becker Delta Core ProRacquet, which features a superb combination of lightness, strength and balance. This racket was designed for aggressive players who want to add a plus of spin and pace to the ball, and it definitely lives up to the task. Moreover, players who want to hit with spin will absolutely fall in love with this piece, as its springbed provides a solid bite on the ball.

Featuring an MSRP of $119.00, the Boris Becker Delta Core ProRacquet comes with a blue and white colorway complemented by orange touches.

The Boris Becker Delta Core ProRacquet Boris Becker Delta Core ProRacquet Tennis Rackets for Both Power

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