Presenting The Withings Pulse Ox Fitness Monitor

It is very important to keep track of our fitness routines nowadays, and there are definitely quite a few products available that promise to make our lives easier in this regard. A product that actually delivers on this promise is the Withings Pulse Ox, which is able to provide crucial data regarding burned calories, elevation climbed, step counts and distance walked.

The Withings Pulse Ox Fitness Monitor Withings Pulse Activity Tracker

Furthermore, the gadget even monitors your sleep cycles, and it can also measure your blood oxygen level and heart rate, should the need arise. As far as practicality goes, it can be worn on the wrist, attached on a belt or just dropped in a pocket.

Fitness Tracker, Withings Pulse Ox Wireless Activity Tracker Withings Pulse Withings Pulse Ox Fitness Tracker Withings Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker

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