Pro Catcher’s Chest Protector By Under Armour

Featuring Under Armour’s signature MPZ construction complemented by low-rebound foam elements that minimize ball impact, this Pro Catcher’s Chest Protector by UA is an ideal pick for those of you who take your role seriously. The chest protector comes with a length of 16.5”, and it incorporates something called Aegos Microbe Shield that prevents the growth of bacteria in order to keep you fresh for as long as possible.

Pro Catcher’s Chest Protector By Under Armour

Other details include ventilation ports on the back for improved breathability, as well as HeatGear tech that keeps the catchers dry and cool throughout the game. We should also mention the durable plastic inserts at the shoulders, throat and abs areas, as well as at modifiable straps and harness, which keeps everything securely in place.

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