Pure Aero RH12 Tennis Bag By Babolat

Offering enough space for up to 12 rackets, the Babolat Pure Aero RH12 tennis bag was used by Rafael Nadal himself, which means that it’s definitely able to cater to the needs of the world’s top tennis players. It incorporates three compartments, two of which are isothermal compartments that are able to maintain string tension. Moreover, there are two more ventilated compartments for shoes and clothing pieces, while a side pocket flaunts an organizer for various accessories.

Pure Aero RH12 Tennis Bag By Babolat

When it comes to carrying comfort, the RH12 tennis bag features a pair of adjustable straps with Ergonomic Swing Buckles. Even though it boasts Rafa’s exclusive signature, the bag can be further customized by customers via the manufacturer’s website.

Babolat Pure Aero RH12 Tennis Bag, Rafael Nadal Signature Babolat Pure Aero RH12 tennis bag

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