7 Awesome Purple Paintball Guns For Exigent Shooters

Purple Paintball Guns

Be the warrior of your team with a purple paintball gun.

Paintball guns come in a wide range of colors and even styles. They can be found in neutral colors and in some bright ones.

Today I have for you a list made up only of purple paintball guns.

No matter if you want to be part of a purple team, you want to create an entire outfit because you love the color, or you think that a specific gun looks good in that color – just go for it. Take your purple paintball gun, as well as some purple paintball ammo, and have fun on the field. Not to mention that even some purple paintball grenades would work great on top of all that.

Regardless of whether you want a mechanical paintball gun or a fully-automatic paintball gun, I have them all covered for you in purple color.

1. Empire Axe 2.0 Marker Dust Purple

Empire Axe 2.0 Marker Dust Purple - Purple Paintball Gun

If you have owned an Empire Ax paintball gun before, you should know that this Empire Ax 2.0 is 10% lighter than all the previous ones. This electronic paintball gun is made of aluminum, which reduces its weight and remains durable.

This purple paintball gun by Empire is loaded up with a Driver XX two-piece barrel. This two-piece barrel is easy to clean by detaching the back portion from the front one. It delivers improved accuracy and consistency in the shooting.

Being an electronic paintball gun, it features multiple firing modes like Semi, Ramp, and NXL Full-Auto. These fire modes make this purple paintball gun an excellent choice even for those with more experience.

The integrated anti-chop eye system guarantees that your paintballs are not chopped or broken within the paintball gun, so you enjoy a constant firing process. It also has a relay venting ASA regulator with an on/off lever that helps to control the compressed air in the gun.

It requires only a compressed air tank to operate, so keep in mind not to use a CO2 tank.

2. Kingman Spyder Xtra Semi-Auto Purple Paintball Gun

Kingman Spyder Xtra Semi-Auto Purple Paintball Gun - Purple Paintball Gun
The Kingman Spyder Xtra semi-automatic paintball gun comes with a sleek purple design and can fire 68-caliber paintballs.

This purple paintball gun is easy to handle even for beginners in the sport. It is capable of using either CO2 or compressed air as its main operating power source.

Its Eko valve is pretty awesome. It manages to reduce the amount of air per shot and can get up to 1600 shots from a 20-oz CO2 tank.

During use, this purple paintball gun is quite silent. The clamping feed neck component is a nice addition as it holds the hopper in place and secures it. The two-finger trigger has an optimal length and can be accessed easily.

Another characteristic of this paintball gun is the barrel length of 9 inches. It offers average accuracy, but not great. It is more suitable and recommended for starters or those who rarely play paintball. But I wouldn’t recommend it for paintball enthusiasts because it won’t deliver the efficiency they look for.

That being said, this purple paintball gun is efficient and works great for its affordable price.

3. HK Army SABR Purple Paintball Gun CO2 Starter Package

HK Army SABR Purple Paintball Gun CO2 Starter Package
The HK Army paintball gun has a high-end aluminum body and an ergonomically designed construction. It is super easy to control it in the field during all the intense action.

Of all the purple paintball guns that I present you today, I consider this one the best for those who have never played paintball before. Why? Because HK Army offers this purple paintball gun with other accessories, making it the best starter kit for beginners paintball players. This aspect makes it easier to use for those who do not know anything about paintball guns and what to buy to make them work.

The paintball gun comes bundled with a GFX Gravity fed loader and a 20-oz CO2 tank. The GFX Gravity loader is one of the most popular on the market known for its low-profile and lightweight design, but also its 200+ round capacity. The assembly process is also very easy and fast.

Although it comes equipped with a CO2 tank, the paintball gun is CO2 and compressed-air compatible. Still, the CO2 tank comes empty, and you have to fill it. How do you fill in a CO2 tank? You can go to a specialized paintball place and ask for a refill, or if you have a special pump at home you can do it.

The sleek ported 0.685 – 12 inches one-piece barrel is very accurate and promotes the right amount of power in any shot. The paintball gun can shoot 68 caliber paintballs. The feed neck of it is completely adjustable, allowing for customization and optimal ball feeding for an enhanced gaming experience.

In addition to these features, this semi-automatic purple paintball gun boasts a double-finger trigger that also has a safety switch. The trigger is super sensitive so you’ll be the fastest shooter in the field.

Altogether, this purple paintball gun is amazing: great functionality, simple assembly, and minimal maintenance.

3.1 HK Army SABR Purple Semi-Auto Paintball Gun

HK Army SABR Purple Semi-Auto Paintball Gun
Above I presented the starter kit, but those from HK Army also offer the paintball gun directly without accessories. So if you’re not that new, you can just buy this paintball gun and attach whatever accessories you want.

With a decent price, it is excellent for those just getting into paintball and not wanting to spend a ton of money.

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Low price

4. Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Purple Paintball Gun

Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Purple Paintball Gun
This purple paintball gun from Spyder Victor is a .68 semi-auto paintball marker that provides a great balance of affordability and top-notch features. It comes with a body made entirely from aluminum, which is a decent material with great durability. This material and the well-built construction ensure a compact and lightweight design that offers a comfortable grip in the hands of players.

Capable of shooting 68-caliber paintballs, this paintball gun is extremely versatile as it is compatible with both CO2 cartridges and a high-pressure air tank. This brings me to the next coolest feature of this marker: the Eko valve. The Eko valve controls the flow of air or CO2 into the marker and can shoot up to 1,600 shots from a 20-oz CO2 tank.

The two-finger double trigger is nice and spacious, making it perfect for beginner players that just start to get used to the controls. The 10-inch stock barrel is quite accurate and offers a consistent trajectory when shooting, while the high-impact polymer trigger frame with a non-slip rubber grip lets the paintballs slide easily and smoothly into the marker.

On top of all these, this purple paintball gun offers full customization. The paintball player can adjust his performance to meet specific needs. The velocity of the marker can be adjusted from 280 feet per second to over 350 feet per second.

5. Azodin KAOS 3 Mechanical Purple Paintball Gun

Azodin KAOS 3 Mechanical Purple Paintball Gun
The next purple paintball gun is the Azodin Kaos 3. This is a mechanical paintball gun that includes a 12-inch multiphase honed barrel made from aluminum. The shooting accuracy of this barrel is decent, but it won’t surprise you. It gets the job done, but it is not the best and deserves a bit of improvement.

Compared to the barrel, the rest of the body of this purple paintball gun is made of composite. Durability is excellent as is the grip delivered to the player. The double-trigger frame offers the possibility to shoot with two fingers. The trigger offers enough space for quick and convenient access. It can be used by those with thicker hands but also by those with smaller hands.

The Kaos 3 paintball gun can only be used together with 68-caliber paintballs. It showcases comprehensive adjustability, enabling you to set its velocity to your desired level.

It accommodates both CO2 and HPA air tank options, while its screw-lock feed neck uses a threaded collar to secure the hopper better. Perfectly, it works with all standard hoppers.

As for performance, it can deliver almost 800 shots out of a 20-oz tank.

High price

6. Machine Paintball Vapor Paintball Gun

Machine Paintball Vapor Paintball Gun

For all you experienced paintball players out there, I have an outstanding piece for you. Machine Paintball Vapor is no joke. This is a state-of-the-art purple paintball gun specially designed for all serious paintball competitors.

This amazing and highly engineered paintball gun comes in an awesome case that contains all the awesomeness. The case is divided in two, on one side you find the gun and on the other side, the 5-piece barrel set. It’s really cool that although it doesn’t come with a specific paintball barrel case, the 5 barrel pieces are neatly placed in the main housing.

The barrel kit contains a 14-inch front piece and four backs. The range of the four backs is between 0.679 to 0.689. The accuracy of this purple paintball gun is pure perfection.

This electric paintball gun features an electronic board that allows you to adjust the firing modes and other types of settings. Its clamping feed neck is easy to customize and locks in the gun’s hopper in a stable place. You can adjust the feed neck, which works great with all the loaders available on the market.

For trouble-free operation, this paintball gun flaunts a magnetic latch eye-cover sensor. This sensor detects if the paintballs have been crushed or chopped inside the gun’s chamber. The moment it detects this, it no longer allows the gun to fire.

The bolt of this purple paintball gun is also easy to access. You just have to press a button and the bolt comes out immediately.

As for the trigger, the Vapor paintball gun comes with two types. In this way, you can choose the one that seems most comfortable to you.

7. Action Village Dangerous Power G5 Spec-R Core

Action Village Dangerous Power G5 Spec-R Core Purple Paintball Gun Package Kit
The Dangerous Power G5 Spec-R Core is an option that should be considered especially by those looking for a purple paintball gun with advanced features but an affordable price.

This is an electronic paintball gun that features an OLED board that helps you quickly read what your gun does and how it acts. The OLED Board is accessed through the buttons on the back of the trigger frame. Of course, being an electronic paintball gun, it also has eight firing modes that you can play with and change as you want: Semi, Burst, Reactive, Auto, Ramp, PSP3, NXL, and Millennium.

Inside, it includes an advanced integrated chip that can memorize and retain all essential performance parameters for optimal operation. The removable chip can always be placed in another G5 paintball gun or even in a completely different one. This feature saves you from reprogramming a new gun, which can be a really difficult process sometimes.

The pressure of this purple paintball gun is 170 psi, which delivers 280-285 feet per second. In my opinion, this is all you need from your paintball gun.

On the outside, it has a two-piece barrel of 14 inches (0.689 size) and a clamping feed neck style. 68 caliber paintballs can be used with it.

The bolt is easy to access and put back, while the venting ASA regulator can be operated via the on/off lever that must be moved back and forth.

The trigger of this purple paintball gun is a magnetic one and offers a magnetic return. It is comfortable regardless of hand size, and its return is super clean. Due to its successful design, it moves quickly and you can shoot easily.

This purple paintball gun is powered by a 9-volt battery, which is not included in the package.

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