Reactor 9000 Goal Pant By Bauer

Presenting the Reactor 9000 Bauer ice hockey pants, which can only be described using terms such as reliable, durable and even stylish. They were designed for mobile goalies, and they ensure exceptional protection without sacrificing on mobility in any way. That’s because they boast a telescoping knee construction as well as an interior belt adjustment system complemented by Jenpro reinforcement that minimizes wear above the pad areas.

Reactor 9000 Goal Pant By Bauer

As far as sweat-wicking goes, Plus 37.5 Technology does a fine job at encouraging sweat to evaporate in order to allow players to remain cool and comfortable during their most important matches. Color-wise, we’re looking at a black overlay complemented by white logos and light blue elements.

Reactor 9000 Goal Pant

Reactor 9000 Goal Pant By Bauer, Back
Bauer Reactor 9000 Bauer ice hockey pants
Bauer Reactor 9000 Goal Pant, Back
Bauer Reactor 9000 Goal Pant

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