11 Cool Red Boxing Gloves For Winners

Are you looking for some eye-catching boxing gloves? Then, why not choose red?

Red boxing gloves help you look unbeatable or to make an excellent statement in the ring.

Red is a bold color and has a mixture of meanings. It is an intense color that tends to attract everyone’s eyes. So if you want to be bold, wear a pair of red boxing gloves in your next game and everyone will focus on your top-notch performance.

Red Boxing Gloves
Red Boxing Gloves

Moreover, the color red represents and is often associated with power, confidence, and strength. These are all important assets in boxing as well.

Last but not least, the color red is the color of passion. Wearing such boxing gloves will show off your passion for this sport.

It’s worth noting that choosing pieces of equipment that define your own style will make you feel excellent and confident, feelings that will have a significant impact on your performance during the fight. Thus, choose your favorite red boxing glove and amaze everyone in the next boxing fight!

Red Boxing Gloves – List

11. Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves

The boxers who need extra padding can opt for this option from Venum. This red boxing glove is the Venum Giant 3.0.

Crafted in Thailand from superior Nappa leather, these boxing gloves are durable, and breathable, and deliver excellent abrasion resistance due to the high-quality material.

Their padding contains a triple-density foam that offers superior protection to your hands. So, you can fight without worries because your finger joints will be protected.

Additionally, these Venum red boxing gloves have extra padding on the top that absorbs the shocks while dispersing the impact energy.

Made to ensure ultimate comfort, their innovative design and shape make these boxing gloves mold after your fist. You will feel nothing more than comfort when punching hard during your training session or fight. Your wrist is also safe thanks to the wide Velcro closure system that locks in the hand and supports it.

Lastly, there’s the inner-linning that wicks the sweat away, leaving your hand dry and comfortable.

Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves - Red Boxing Gloves 1

Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves - Red Boxing Gloves

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10. Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves

Designed for training, the Everlast Elite Pro Style boxing gloves come in a red color that will make you look fantastic every time you box.

They feature synthetic leather as the main fabric, which makes them long-lasting. Therefore, you can box as hard as you want, and these Everlast boxing gloves in red will not disappoint you. In addition, this type of leather is very easy to maintain and clean, so you will only need a few minutes to refresh your boxing gloves.

They also have a Velcro closure that ensures an adjustable and secure fit. Once placed on your hands, they deliver stability and support and you can train without worries.

On the inside, these red and black boxing gloves boast a multi-layer foam padding system that hugs your fist while delivering protection to your metacarpals and phalanges.

The Everlast Elite Pro Style boxing gloves are available in different sizes and weights.
Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves - Red Boxing GlovesEverlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves - Red Boxing Gloves 1

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9. adidas Boxing Gloves Speed 50

Adidas is known for making great products that deliver comfort and performance. These Adidas red boxing gloves are a high-quality product that can be worn by both women and men. They are made of high-quality polyurethane leather, which gives them excellent durability, and high resistance to wear. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

To give you the protection you need, these boxing gloves integrate multi-layer foam padding systems that protect the hands and reduce the risk of serious injuries. This padding system works together with the Velcro closure system that secures the hands and offers a customizable fit.

Ventilation is a strong feature of these boxing gloves from Adidas. Apart from the breathable material, they also have ventilation holes that encourage airflow inside the glove, keeping the hands cool and dry.
Red adidas Boxing Gloves - Red Boxing GlovesRed adidas Boxing Gloves - Red Boxing Gloves 1

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8. TITLE GEL E-Series Bag Gloves

Title is a popular brand in the boxing world and they offer amazing black and red boxing gloves.

The Gel E-Series are some long-lasting boxing gloves because they are made with a full-grain leather construction that guarantees maximum durability. These boxing gloves can be used for several years without showing signs of wear.

Their name comes from the fact that they have a Gel inset inner liner that contains layered sandwich foam padding. This inner liner molds to your hand and acts as a barrier that absorbs shock upon impact.

The inside of the glove is made with a moisture-wicking material that ensures that your hand will remain dry and cool even during the most intensive training sessions.

The leather wrist strap secures your hand, while the hook-and-loop closure supports your wrist.

Red TITLE GEL E-Series Bag GlovesRed TITLE GEL E-Series Bag Gloves 1Red TITLE GEL E-Series Bag Gloves 2

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7. Winning Pro Boxing Gloves

Made in Japan, the Winning boxing gloves are for those boxers that demand premium quality from their boxing equipment.

They have a white lace-up system that combines perfectly with the red color.

These gloves are crafted from high-quality leather and ensure great durability and shock absorption. Their anti-thumbing stopper protects the thumbs by preventing them to be pushed into the palm.

Located inside the gloves, this feature adds additional comfort and reduces the risk of injury.

Winning Pro Boxing Gloves

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6. TITLE GEL World Bag Gloves

The Title Gel World Bag gloves are some of the best-selling Title boxing gloves.

They have an all-leather outer construction supported by a special hand compartment lining inside the glove. Together, these two awesome features give your hand comfort by keeping it cool and dry.

Additionally, the leather fabric ensures durability to the gloves, while the lining wicks sweat away and promotes quick drying.

To make sure your wrist receives the written amount of support, Title added a wraparound adjustable wrist strap with D-ring and hook-and-loop closure. In this way, these Title boxing gloves in red will stay on your hands during the entire fight.

The Gel enforced lining offers additional comfort, while the multi-layered foam padding takes care of protection.

TITLE GEL World Bag GlovesTITLE GEL World Bag Gloves 2TITLE GEL World Bag Gloves Red Boxing Gloves

5. adidas Adi-Speed 501 Pro Boxing

Designed for both men and women, the Adidas Adi-Speed 501 Pro Boxing and Kickboxing Gloves boast a construction made from high-quality leather that ensures a durable exterior and long-lasting wear.

Perfect for both beginners and pros, these Adidas boxing gloves come in 10, 12, 14, and 16 oz and feature a great red color. Their multiple layers of density foams provide excellent protection for both the fists and wrists.

Additionally, this padding system also reduces the risk of injury and enhances shock absorption. With your knuckles protected, you will happily box and even extend your workout.

The premium lining from inside the glove stops the chafing between skin and glove material. Therefore, your hands are comfortable and healthy.

Another great feature of these Adidas boxing gloves in red is the Velcro closing system that you can adjust perfectly for your hand.
Red adidas Adi-Speed 501 Pro Boxing GlovesRed adidas Adi-Speed 501 Pro Boxing Gloves 2Red adidas Adi-Speed 501 Pro Boxing Gloves 1

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4. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are some of the best gloves offered by this brand. They are a popular choice in the boxers’ world due to their amazing features.

Made in Thailand, these boxing gloves have impressive quality and durability because they are hand-sewn. Their casing is made from microfiber PU providing unbeatable coverage and easy maintenance.

To be sure that your hands benefit from brilliant comfort, the people from Venum have integrated into strategic places some ventilation panels that encourage air circulation.

Besides that, they also added a curved in the design to perfectly dress the hand, as well as an extra-long cuff for additional support to your wrist.

Venum Elite Red Boxing GlovesVenum Elite Red Boxing Gloves 2Venum Elite Red Boxing Gloves 1

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3. Everlast Powerlock2 Training Gloves

Another great boxing glove from Everlast is the Everlast PowerLock2. Being some of the cheapest Everlast boxing gloves, they flaunt a structure from high-quality synthetic leather that makes them durable and easy to clean. Also on the outside, they come with a new turnback hoop-and-loop enclosure system that gives you a secure fit, enough stability, and support to your wrist while allowing for easy on-and-off access.

On the inside, these Everlast red boxing shoes feature an ergonomic grip bar that protects your thumbs and gives them enough comfort during your punching session. The quad-layered foam core protection delivers superior cushioning, making them ideal for any boxer.

They also have a polyester foam interior lining that keeps your hands dry, as well as a mesh palm that wicks the sweat away.
Everlast Powerlock2 Training GlovesEverlast Powerlock2 Training Gloves 1Everlast Powerlock2 Training Gloves 2

2. Rival RB7 Fitness Plus Bag Gloves

Providing optimal protection for all boxers, the Rival Boxing RB7 Fitness Plus boxing gloves feature a structure from extra-resistant Carbonium PU leather, making them highly abrasion-resistant and durable for those long training sessions.

On the outside, it also has a hook-and-loop closure system that wraps around the wrist to provide support and stability during use.

Their durable molded foam padding absorbs each impact, so you can confidently punch knowing that your finger joints are protected. Both men and women can wear them not only for boxing but also for kickboxing, and other martial arts. Regardless of the activity, they help you improve your performance.

Rival RB7 Fitness Plus Bag GlovesRival RB7 Fitness Plus Bag Gloves 3Rival RB7 Fitness Plus Bag Gloves 2

1. 1910 Classic Sparring Gloves

Combining the Everlast traditional and modern design and style, these 1910 Classic Sparring Gloves come with an iconic red design and innovative features. The exterior of this glove is made of premium leather that is very high-quality, durable, and soft. This material will withstand many sessions, and will not yield to pressure.

The gloves’ interior features additional padding in the fist and cushioning. All these features keep you as comfortable and safe as possible. This thick padding molds around your hand and helps you punch correctly and with power. The ventilated holes from the inside palms increase airflow inside the glove, while the hook and loop closure provides maximum wrist support and a secure fit.
1910 Classic Sparring Gloves
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Final Thoughts

All these options of red boxing gloves are built to last. Their padding is specially designed to offer you the best protection and minimize the risk of any injury. All you have to do is to choose one that fits you well and step up in the ring looking and feeling confident.

Do you like red boxing gloves or prefer another color? Share with our community your favorite pair of boxing gloves from our top and what other colors you would wear during your boxing training sessions.

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