Reliable Kelty Redstone 70L Backpack

The success or failure of your trip depends on the type of gear that you bring with you, and when it comes to backpacks, you should always invest in a high-quality piece.

Depending on your own needs, you might be satisfied with smaller offerings, but if you know that you’ll be away from civilization for a while, the Kelty Redstone 70L Backpack is your best bet.

Offering a carrying capacity of 70L or 4300 cubic inches, this backpack impresses with a PerfectFIT torso suspension system that enables quick and easy adjustments while on the road.

Reliable Kelty Redstone 70L Backpack

On-body adjustments eliminate the need for measuring, which is always a big plus, while a large front pocket allows easy access to gear and accessories. There’s also a sleeping bag compartment included, as well as a waistbelt pocket for access to frequently used items. The backpack weighs 4 lbs. while empty, and it comes in a Charcoal colorway.

Kelty Redstone 70L Backpack

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  1. The capacity of Reliable Kelty Redstone Backpack bag is enormous and no matter how much weight I put in it feels great and the weight is well distributed. A bit expensive but definitely a good choice .

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