Reliable Vapor 1X Shin Guards By Bauer

The latest and most impressive shin guards released by Bauer are named Vapor 1X, and they are clearly much more reliable and comfortable when compared to their predecessors. As far as protection is concerned, Bauer has decided to use Curv composite and Aerolite technology in the most important protective areas, which means that the Vapor 1X guards offer improved protection while weighing less.

Reliable Vapor 1X Shin Guards By Bauer

It’s also worth noting that these shin guards come with a tapered fit, which means that they are wider at the top and offer a more standard fit at their lower areas. A transfer mesh complements the 37.5 technology used in the liner, and it also maximizes airflow in order to keep the pads dry even during the most intensive matches.

Bauer Vapor 1X Shin Guards Vapor 1X Shin Guards By Bauer

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