RS1 Dream Kona Aero Triathlon Suit For Women

Today we’re going to tell you a bit about a wonderful piece of triathlon apparel for women, specifically the RS1 Dream Kona Aero triathlon suit from Orca. Featuring an AeroSkin fabric on its front panel and sleeves, this suit minimizes drag in the water and enhances overall aerodynamics while the wearer is on the bike.

RS1 Dream Kona Aero triathlon suit

As if that’s not impressive enough, the product also comes with fully bonded seams that further improve aerodynamics, and with a stitchless construction that enhances stretch. The fabric also includes a Coldblack technology that gives the impression of wearing a white suit thanks to its heat reflection capabilities. We should definitely mention the longer length front zip, which works nicely with the suit’s highly breathable fabrics.

Orca triathlon suit for Women

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