Run-Cannonball-Run shorts By Tracksmith

It’s very important to pick the right kind of clothes during the summer season, as cheap and poorly built products can actually lower your comfort and diminish your athletic performance. This applies to both shirts and shorts, especially if you plan to stay active and engage in regular physical activity throughout the day. Created by a company named Tracksmith, the Run-Cannonball-Run shorts incorporate both running and bathing suit technologies, which means that they’re ideal for running and swimming.

Run-Cannonball-Run shorts By Tracksmith

They were created using a poly-elastane mix that received a hydrophobic finish, and so they are able to repel water and dry quickly in order to eliminate chafing or other discomfort sources. The product is available in two different cuts for men in Antique White or Navy colorways, both of which look perfect, by the way.

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