Running in Boxing Shoes: Can You Really Do It?

Can you run in boxing shoes? The answer is no.

My recommendation is not to run in boxing shoes, as they are not designed for this purpose.

After all, every sport is different and needs certain sports equipment to complement and improve that need for “something”.

Each type of sports equipment has its role, and in this specific case, boxing equipment must be used exclusively in boxing, not other sports. In general, sports equipment dedicated to a sport is not indicated to be used in another one.

Running in Boxing Shoes

This incompatibility of sports equipment has been identified for some time. What’s great is that wonderful people have closely researched these details and created special equipment.

Here I can give you as an example Kihachiro Onitsuka who developed athletic shoes.

Running in Boxing Shoes
Kihachiro Onitsuka – Athletic Shoes Patent Credit

It is completely understandable that my advice alone may not be sufficient for some of you without some concrete facts to back it up, right?

In today’s article, I will not go into details and comparisons such as boxing shoes vs. running shoes because I would like to answer your question as strictly as possible.

Instead, I will provide you with 4 facts that support the idea that using boxing shoes for running is not appropriate.

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. You will destroy your boxing shoes and lose money

The idea of running to the gym in boxing shoes sounds tempting. You don’t have to carry another pair of shoes after you. Plus, it’s also very attractive from a financial point of view that you don’t have to spend money on another pair of running shoes, right?

Well, sure everything sounds good, but, you’re going to end up ruining your boxing shoes by running in them.

With the boxing shoes ruining, you won’t be able to train properly anymore. Thus, you will end up training in bare feet. To continue, you will have to buy a new pair of boxing shoes more and more often, which, in the end, does not result in saving money.

If you want to find out how running in boxing shoes can cause damage to the boxing shoes, keep reading fact number two.

2. Boxing shoes are not made for running

In the following lines I will explain why using boxing shoes for running are not suitable:

  • boxing shoes have a thin sole – this thinner sole is built to give the boxer a better feel. This feeling of being planted allows the boxer to move freely and be agile and fast in the ring. For running, especially on asphalt, this sole will not offer you the protection or cushioning you need, so you will feel any bump.
  • boxing shoes offer good grip, especially on the sides – you do not need grip as this is not a critical factor when running. But, in boxing, this lateral grip offers flexibility to make quick movements and pivots.
  • boxing shoes have a narrower toebox – this is because the boxers need a sock-like, snug fit. But when you run you need a wider toebox because your feet start to swell up during running.
  • boxing shoes have a higher heel for pivots, but not good for continuous impacts while running.
  • boxing shoes are not that breathable – this means that when you run, a lot of sweat will be trapped inside the boxing shoes, damaging them.

3. Your health will suffer

The main reason why I recommend you not to use boxing shoes for running is to maintain good health. Of course, using them for a simple run will not have many effects on health. However, if you continue using them for several days, your body will tell you something is wrong.

Although the foot is the one that feels the impact best, the shock is not absorbed only by it. The shock of the impacts will be distributed from bottom to top.

So you could feel pain in the following areas:

  • The foot – The lack of arch support and cushioning when running especially on hard surfaces can cause a lot of pain and discomfort to the foot.
  • Heel – Here, those who tend to primarily strike the ground with their heel – the so-called heel strikers should definitely look for good running shoes. If you know that this is your style, then be careful because wearing boxing shoes will make your heel hurt very badly. It would help if you looked for running shoes that offer more cushioning in the heel area.
  • Joints
  • Calves
  • Knees
  • Hamstrings
  • Lower back

All of the above can become areas prone to pain due, first of all, to the unnatural position of the foot when running.

With every step taken with your feet in an unnatural direction, your whole body will try to stabilize and balance thus putting pressure on your joints, calves, knees, and even more on your lower back.

The lack of stability and flexibility and the unnatural foot positioning will be interpreted by the body as stress and not as an activity that helps to improve health

4. Your performance will be lacking
Since boxing shoes will not offer you comfort, cushioning, stability, or breathability, it is clear that they will not help you improve your performance.

Instead of finishing your running session, you will tend to stop due to a lack of comfort and possibly even pain.

Final Thoughts

I have presented some reasons why it is not advisable to run with boxing shoes. In the end, the decision belongs to each of you.

No matter what you choose to wear, it is good as long as it offers you comfort and does not create injuries or pain.

The health of not only the feet but the whole body is important.

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