Scar Ridge Men’s Waxed Parka By Timberland

We’re here to tell you a bit about one of the most comfortable men’s parkas available on the market presently. The Timberland Men’s Waxed Parka features two colorways named Dark Sapphire and Dark Port, and it impresses with a waxed finish and a zip and button closure that’s guaranteed to keep out the cold. Furthermore, a fleece-lined collar and a faux-fur hood make sure that your head and neck will remain warm and comfortable, while the overall slim fit helps create an appealing, stylish look.

Timberland Men's Waxed Parka Men's Waxed Parka By Timberland Men's Waxed Parka By Timberland, Back

Other important elements include a plethora of internal and external pockets, as well as a plain weave fabric build that’s 100% cotton. The parka is duck down filled for extra warmth, and its centre back length is 34 inches.

Timberland Men's Waxed Parka, Collar Timberland Men's Waxed Parka, fleece-lined collar Timberland Men's Waxed Parka, Pockets

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