Slazenger Baseline Jacket For Men

Just a quick search online will reveal a multitude of men’s tennis warm up jackets, but if you’re looking for a classic design, simple colorways, and advanced technologies, you’ll probably find this Slazenger winter jacket for men to your liking. Boasting two available colorways in Red and Navy, this product comes with a full zip fastening system, and with a Grandad style collar complemented by long sleeves with ribbed cuffs.

Men's tennis warm up jackets by Slazenger

Slazenger men's tennis warm up jackets, Collar
Slazenger men's tennis warm up jackets

The ribbed hem is also a nice addition, but we were even more impressed with the jacket’s UPF 50+ protection and Coolpass technology, which wicks sweat away from the body in order to keep the wearer dry and cool. The brand added its own logo on the front side of the jacket for a touch of originality, and the material composition is 80% cotton and 20% elastane.

Slazenger tennis winter jacket for men

Tennis winter jacket for men by Slazenger
Winter jacket for men by Slazenger, Collar

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