Sleeved Hog Is An Awesome Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

A proper long sleeve cycling jersey will keep you safe and warm during your most important cycling sessions, which is why it is incredibly important to choose a high quality product at all times. The Sleeved Hog is as good as they come, as it was developed specifically with warmth and comfort in mind. What makes it special when compared to similar products is that it is able to provide added warmth when you’re clipping in, but it can also respond to an increased body temperature later in your cycling session.

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These thermoregulation capabilities are owed to an Italian designed and developed fabric named Moonlight. Thanks to its heavier weight and perforation channels, this fabric is able to protect the wearer during cold snaps while helping excess heat escape later when the workout becomes more intense.

Black Long sleeve cycling jersey, Side Black Sleeved Hog Long sleeve cycling jersey

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