Smartwool PhD Run Ultra Light Pattern Crew Socks

If you’re new to running, you should know the most important “rule” of this activity: feet must feel comfortable. In order to achieve this confort, you need a good pair of running shoes and high-quality running socks. The latter are essential elements because they come into direct skin contact, making the difference between a comfortable run, and one that leaves blisters as well as foot pain. Specially designed for this sport, these men’s and women’s Smartwool running socks are named PhD Run Ultra Light Pattern Crew, and they offer a great fit and long-wear durability. They come with a 200 needle construction that keeps ultralight weight while ensuring highest knit density.

Men's PhD Run Ultra Light Pattern Crew Socks by Smartwool

The 4 Degree Elite Fit System keeps the sock in place by using two elastics, while the mesh ventilation zones make sure that the wearer remains dry and comfortable. Created using 6% Merino Wool, 50% Nylon, and 4% Elastane, they also feature Indestructawool technology that flaunts a patent-pending construction method for exceptional durability, as well as minimal cushioning for comfort even during the most intense running sessions. Last but not least, we should also mention that the women’s version has a narrower profile for a perfect fit.

Women's PhD Run Ultra Light Pattern Crew Socks by Smartwool

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