Sneakerboy Releases Two New Jackets For Fall/Winter 2015

Sneakerboy is an Australian footwear retailer that’s also widely appreciated for its exquisite apparel pieces. After it released a stunning accessories collection for Fall/Winter 2015, the brand has also treated its fans with two new jacket styles designed specifically for the cold months. We’re talking about the Flight Jacket and the F2 Wadded Blouson, both of which flaunt high quality Japanese technical fabrics, Sneakerboy arm patches and customized Riri nickel zip closures.

Sneakerboy Flight Jacket Sneakerboy Flight Jacket for Winter

Casual, practical and stylish, these pieces will definitely catch the attention of those of you who are looking for a pair of simple and comfortable jackets. Considering the fact that we’re talking about a well-established Japanese brand, the quality of these pieces is pretty much guaranteed. They are quite easy on the eyes too.

Sneakerboy Jacket Styles for Fall Winter F2 Wadded Blouson by Sneakerboy

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