Gola Women’s Sneakers: 6 Stylish and Comfortable Pairs For Everyday Wear

Gola women’s sneakers are not just your everyday lifestyle sneakers, but more.

Since 1905, the Gola brand has been manufacturing high-quality shoes. I said shoes, because the brand does not necessarily make only sneakers, but also plimsolls and bags.

Gola uses only premium materials such as leather, suede, and canvas for all of their sneakers. All three of these fabrics are known for their outstanding quality and durability.

The range of sneakers this company offers is very varied in designs and styles. From a sophisticated and refined style to a more sporty and casual one, Gola has them all for you.

Gola women's sneakers
Gola Women’s Sneakers

This wide variety makes these Gola sneakers a perfect way for all women to confidently express their personal and unique style, making them a versatile and stylish option for any occasion.

To make it easy to find, I’ve picked some pairs of Gola sneakers to share with you.

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1. Gola Women’s Cla192 Harrier

The Gola created the Harrier Fashion sneakers in 1968. Since then, the brand produced this type of sneakers in over 300 different color combinations. Having a classic design, Gola relaunched these sneakers in 2016 in a new series of colors.

These women’s sneakers come with a simple and clean design. You can easily wear them with a T-shirt and jeans, a dress, and even a skirt. The lace-up system secures the shoes, while the rubber outsole offers a cushioned feel.

They are very comfortable and are a good choice even for those who stand a lot during the day. Even if they seem flat, know that even after 8-9 hours of standing, you will not feel any discomfort with these Gola sneakers.

Since they are pretty strong and durable, you can wear them in the cold season too. They are pretty warm due to their sturdy structure and premium materials.

The sizes run big, and since there are no half sizes, I suggest you purchase a size down than you usually wear.
Gola Women's Cla192 Harrier Fashion Sneaker - Gola Women's Sneakers
Gola Women's Cla192 Harrier Fashion Sneaker

2. Gola Women’s Low-top Trainers

These Gola women’s sneakers feature a low-top and vintage design. They are part of the outstanding Gola Daytona sneakers collection. This collection includes lots of vivid colors and patterns inspired by the 90s.

For these sneakers, Gola used only premium fabrics like nylon, cow suede, and polyurethane. The sole is made from suede, which is a type of leather with a soft texture. The Suede sole and the EVA midsole deliver a good amount of traction and comfort.

The toe spring curvature of the shoe design promotes a natural and comfortable feel during walking. They boast lace for a comfortable adjustment and a padded tongue with the brand’s logo.

The unique style and colors make them really eye-catching. In reality, the colors are as vibrant as in the picture, and will certainly complement any outfit. The sizes really run a bit large. As you can see I said “a bit”, so you should go for just a half size down than regular.

If you have wider feet, these sneakers may not be extremely suitable. Also, some customers have cited that the amount of padding is not enough. However, here it depends on everyone’s preferences – some people prefer that shoes with a thicker level of padding, while others prefer flatter ones.
Gola Women's Low-top Trainers 1Gola Women's Low-top TrainersGola Women's Low-top Trainers 2

3. Gola Low-Top Trainers For Women

These sneakers have a pleasant design, but also a rich history. Their style and design are similar to the tennis shoes that the brand made in 1975.

Mark Cox was the tennis player who wore these shoes in tennis games. This is where the name of the entire Gola Classics Women’s Tennis Mark Cox Sneakers collection comes from, of which these shoes are also a part.

These sneakers have a cushioned insole and a rubber outsole that offer enough traction, as well as a lace system for a secure fit. Their timeless design consists of a plain white color with a contrast wing flash on the sides.

They are cozy and versatile and you can definitely get a perfect casual look. Due to their versatility and comfort, they are a pleasure to wear while running errands or going for a walk.

My recommendation is to wear them during the warm season. They do not provide adequate insulation or protection in cold and wet conditions.

Gola Low-Top Trainers For WomenGola Low-Top Trainers For Women 1

4. Gola Women’s Coaster Fashion Sneaker

Influenced by the vintage plimsoll trend, the Gola Women’s Coaster Fashion Sneaker has a special uniqueness.

They have a canvas upper, a lace system, a rubber toe cap, and a sole for grip and traction. The sole is quite flat and does not offer great arch support, though. Despite this fact, they are still very comfortable to wear and perfect for a walk or outings in the city.

If you insist on having them, but you want arch support, you can attach your own orthotic insoles. I can tell you that this will be a game-changer.

Their simple design makes them fun to wear. You can combine these Gola women’s sneakers with almost anything from shorts to dresses.

I must also mention that they are a good alternative not only for narrow feet but also for large and wide feet. Actually, thanks to their round toe box design, it will make your big feet look smaller.

Gola Women's Coaster Fashion Sneaker
Gola Women's Coaster Fashion Sneaker 1

5. Gola Women’s Coaster Velcro Trainers

Not a fan of shoes with a lacing system? Then, let me introduce you to these Gola women’s sneakers with Velcro straps.

These sneakers are crafted in the USA from canvas fabric. The design of these Gola women’s Velcro sneakers is heavily influenced by traditional British style. Featuring a fashionable yet traditional look, they come with a rubber outsole and three Velcro straps.

The Velcro straps are on the top of the shoes just above the tongue. This closure system provides a snug fit and makes the process of putting them on and taking them off easy. They also contribute to the shoes’ design, adding a sporty style.

Inside, the memory foam promotes comfort and a soft, natural feel.

These classic canvas sneakers from Gola are a practical and stylish option for all age groups. Even women in their 50s can wear these nice shoes for everyday wear and look cool.

Gola Women's Coaster Velcro Trainers 1Gola Women's Coaster Velcro Trainers

6. Gola Women’s Sneaker

The next Gola sneakers on my list are also a pair of the Gola women’s Velcro sneakers. In terms of features, they come with a rubber sole, a foam insole, and a Velcro fastening system.

Their low-top design ensures greater flexibility and a lightweight feel.

Still, they stand out from the crowd due to their colorful design. The sneakers have on both sides a rainbow pattern that makes them cute and playful.

They easily accommodate larger and wider feet and make them look cute and even smaller than they are.

If you want to add a pop of color to your outfits, give them a try. You will love them from the moment you wear them.

Gola Women's Sneaker Velcro
gola women's sneakers

Final Thoughts

The Gola brand has multiple different options for everyone.

The brand provides stylish and practical sneakers for women of all ages. From elegant to playful sneakers with Velcro fastening, you will fall in love with a pair of Gola sneakers.

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