Say Hello To These Vintage Havana Ray Glitter Sneakers

Attention all glitter lovers and enthusiasts! Are you looking for some unique shoes that will make you stand out everywhere you go? Today I have a great suggestion for you called the Vintage Havana Ray glitter sneakers.

These shoes with glitter should not be missing from the wardrobe of those who like to experiment with fashion, those who adore glitter, or those who are nostalgic for the trends of the 1980s – after all, glitter was a trend based in those years.

Vintage Havana Ray Glitter Sneakers
Vintage Havana Ray Glitter Sneakers

Made in the USA, these Vintage Havana Ray glitter sneakers are truly a fashion statement. Their high-top design with a rounded toe makes them very comfortable and offers decent support. So, you can wear them both for a walk in the park and an outing with friends where you can dance the night away without foot fatigue.

The outer construction of these sneakers is made of leather. Both parts of the shoes are entirely covered in glitter, including the collar. On the other side, the toe box, upper, and tongue offer a perfect contrast through their solid and simple color. Moreover, the black label with the brand logo on the tongue gives a timeless look.

The laces are not just ordinary laces. They come in white and they feature a unique white-black pattern that commemorates the year 1954 when the Vintage Havana brand was established. In addition to the year, the laces also have the brand “VH” initials.

Vintage Havana Ray Glitter Sneakers 2Vintage Havana Ray Glitter Sneakers 3

However, the laces only have an aesthetic role because the shoes are put on and taken off through the zipper on the side of the sneakers.

The outsole and the midsole of the shoe are made from sturdy rubber, ensuring comfort and a good amount of padding.

These Vintage Havana Ray glitter sneakers fit true to size. In reality, they are even better and brighter than in the pictures.

Vintage Havana Ray Glitter Sneakers

As I mentioned, the glitter is present on a large surface, including the collar. The glitter is not a very soft material like others, and it will feel a bit rough on the skin when worn. The advice I have for you is to wear long socks and this will just go away.

When it comes to matching, these glittered sneakers go perfectly with a plain outfit and one that contains vivid, bright colors.

Bottom line, if you want a sparkly element to add a bit of glamor to your wardrobe, I definitely recommend you give them a try. These shoes will have you shining bright like a diamond.

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