Special Edition Eiger Jacket By Mission Workshop

Fishing for fun is one thing but when you have to fish for your livelihood, you tend to give it your best no matter what. The people living on the coast of Scotland have made a living fishing in the waters of the North Sea for centuries even though water temperatures can plummet to 43 in the winter. Obviously, they had to rely on some high quality equipment in order to do so day after day. Halley Stevensons has been creating waxed canvas jackets since 1864, and the company is now joining hands with Mission Workshop in order to create something truly memorable.

Special Edition Eiger Jacket By Mission Workshop

Eiger Jacket By Mission Workshop

We’re talking about a special edition of the Eiger Jacket, which boasts a quick drying nylon lining as well as a plethora of technical elements such as a three pointed adjustable hood, custom YKK weatherproof zippers and custom Riri snaps. Moreover, thanks to Mission Workshop’s Forever Guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that this thing will definitely pass the test of time.

Special Edition Eiger Jacket By Mission Workshop, Pocket

Mission Workshop Eiger Jacket , Hoodie
Mission Workshop Eiger Jacket

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