Special-Edition Snowboard Boots By Vans

The absolute best snowboard boots for this season come from Vans, and they are the result of two incredible collaborations, one with Vault by Vans designer Taka Hayashi, and the other with British design house Eley Kishimoto. These brand new Vans collaborations resulted in some pretty spectacular pairs of snowboard boots, all of which are guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable on the slopes.

Vans Special-Edition Snowboard Boots

The pair created with the help of Taka Hayashi is based on the V-66 heritage boot and is decorated with native-inspired elements and with perforated sidestripe detailing. The other pair is based on the Aura model, and it is covered in a superb “Drums” print that’s actually a reinterpretation of the checkerboard pattern implemented on many other Vans pieces.

Snowboard Boots with Vault by Vans

Special-Edition Snowboard Boots By Vans

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