Sporty Yet Stylish Bollé Jude Hiking Sunglasses

Some of the world’s most stylish and practical mountaineering and hiking sunglasses were created by a brand named Bollé, and they are named Jude. They feature a modern but not eccentric design that offers an ideal blend of practicality and chicness. Even though some of you might argue that looks are not very important when it comes to high quality hiking gear, it definitely doesn’t hurt to wear a pair of stylish shades while you’re on the slopes.

Black Lime, Bollé Jude Hiking Sunglasses Jude Blue Violet Hiking Glasses Jude Matte Blue Brazil Sunglasses Jude Shiny Black Hiking Sunglasses

What makes these Bollé hiking sunglasses stand out is the fact that they flaunt subtle gold lens mirroring as well as two-layer frames and a temple area backed in matte black with a see-through orange topcoat. Moreover, the frames feature an interesting plaid design that’s simply impossible to ignore. As for the lenses themselves, they boast a neutral grey-tint polarized treatment, which means that they’re perfectly capable of protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays.

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