STX 4Sight Focus Lacrosse Goggles For Women

Some of the most durable and dependable lacrosse goggles for women are the STX 4Sight Focus, and that’s because they come with an outstanding oval wire design complemented by a lightweight frame that provides great visibility. The product’s form-fitting silicone padding is also a great plus, as it doesn’t absorb sweat or moisture thus improving the wearer’s comfort.

Lacrosse Goggles For Women, STX 4Sight Focus STX 4Sight Focus Lacrosse Goggles For Women

The STX 4Sight Focus is fully compliant with women’s lacrosse regulations, and it is available in four different colorways named Black/Lizard, Capri/Ice Blue, Graphite/Citrus, and Purple/Plum.

STX 4Sight Focus Women's Lacrosse Goggles STX 4Sight Focus

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