Stylish Venum Shadow Hunter Fight Shorts

We’ve seen our fair share of MMA fight shorts, but few products can go toe-to-toe with the Venum fight shorts, and we’re about to tell you exactly why that is. First off, these shorts were created using lightweight micro-fabric and mesh panels that ensure unrestricted freedom of movement as well as thermal regulation thanks to a special sweat escape management system.

Venum MMA Fight Shorts

MMA Red Fight Shorts by Venum
Venum MMA Red Fight Shorts
Venum Shadow Hunter Fight Shorts
Venum Red Fight Shorts

Furthermore, high-resilience micro-fabrics were implemented in order to ensure impressive resistance, which is a must in MMA, wouldn’t you agree? We should also mention the Vault 3-Wy innovative closure system, the pro-engineering Flex-System with a 4-way stretch fabric, the reinforced seams and the shorts’ fast drying properties.

MMA Blue Fight Shorts by Venum

Venum Shadow Hunter Blue Fight Shorts
Venum MMA Blue Fight Shorts
Venum Blue Fight Shorts
MMA Grey Fight Shorts by Venum
Venum Shadow Hunter Grey Fight Shorts
Venum MMA Grey Fight Shorts
Venum Grey Fight Shorts

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