Superb Collection For Spring-Summer 2016 by Man Of Moods

Man of Moods. Now that’s an interesting name for a fashion brand, isn’t it? This particular Japanese brand was founded by Fukuyama Masakazu in 2004, and it is well known throughout the fashion world for its sleek and practical apparel pieces. The brand’s 2016 Spring/Summer collection is called Mountain of Moods, and it includes a selection of sober pieces in dark colors such as gray and black.

Man Of Moods Spring-Summer Collection

The collection appears to be aimed at fishermen and hikers, as it includes waterproof apparel such as jackets and hats, as well as accessories such as backpacks and gloves. All of these pieces were designed to provide protection from the elements without sacrificing stylish looks in the process. Even though it must have been quite difficult to design, Mountain of Moods turned out to be quite a fantastic Spring/Summer collection.

Spring-Summer 2016 Collection by Man Of Moods

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