Superb Gryphon Tour T-Bone Composite Hockey Stick

Today we’re going to tell you about very impressive composite hockey stick, namely the Gryphon Tour T-Bone hockey stick. What makes this product stand out, apart from its great looks, are the premium materials that were used in its composition, including something called Silicone Sleeve technology. This tech ensures a plus of feel without sacrificing on hitting power, and that’s a very sought after trait in the world of hockey.

Tour T-Bone Composite Hockey Stick by Gryphon

According to its manufacturers, this is their best hockey stick to date, and we’re inclined to believe them given the product’s outstanding lay-up and design. When it comes to measurements, this stick boasts a curve position of 225mm, a head thickness of 23mm, a curve of 23,8mm, a shaft depth at the narrowest point of 20mm and a shaft width at the widest point of 50mm.

Gryphon Tour T-Bone Composite Hockey Stick

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