Surgeon RX2 Hockey Stick By STX

The brand new Surgeon RX2 stick by STX doesn’t just come with a new name and a few minor improvements, but it is actually quite different when compared to its predecessors. That’s because it boasts a new shaft geometry created using a technology named PureGrip, which gives the bottom of the shaft a shape similar to the letter U as opposed to a traditional rectangular shape.

Surgeon RX2 Hockey Stick Surgeon RX2 Stick BY STX

The stick also incorporates PureBlade technology, which guarantees plus of responsiveness and lightness. PureBlade is based on a mix of 18k and 3k carbon fiber weaves that ensures improved performance and feel. Other highlights include a nano enhanced resin system that adds a few extra points in the durability department. We should also mention the high balance point and the dual kick points, as these also give the product an edge over its competitors.

STX Surgeon RX2 Hockey Stick Surgeon RX2 Hockey Stick By STX

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