Synergy GX Youth Shoulder Pad By Easton

This fantastic Easton youth hockey elbow pad was named Synergy GX, and it incorporates advanced Easton technologies, as well as comfortable and durable materials. Starting off with the lining, we can tell you that it is a Bio-Dri lining with moisture wicking and anti-microbial treatments, while the liner is a comfort donut with a Helix 10TM insert for a plus of protection.

Synergy GX Youth Shoulder Pad By Easton

The HyperSkin Fit also deserves a mention, as it relies on a 3-piece design for irreproachable stability and mobility. The bicep piece has a low profile molded Hex Membrane and PE insert, while the forearm offers an anatomical fit with the same Hex Membrane and PE insert. As for the caps, they boast E-Cell HD inserts that guarantee perfect ventilation and protection. Last but not least, the 3-strap closure has a vented neoprene lock-fit middle strap.

Easton Synergy GX Youth Shoulder Pad

Easton Youth Shoulder Pad
Synergy GX Youth Hockey Shoulder Pad By Easton

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