Tech Spray Hooded Training Jacket By Zanerobe

Manufactured using 79% nylon, 16% polyester and 5% elastane, the Tech Spray hooded training jacket by Zanerobe can definitely help you perform at your best during intense training sessions. We’re talking about an all-terrain, all-purpose jacket that’s both lightweight and stretchy thanks to its mesh side panels that offer unrestrictive movement.

Tech Spray Hooded Training Jacket By Zanerobe

Other important details include heat-sealed zip pockets, cinching toggles at the waist and neckline, reinforced cuffs and a REC “three-dot” logo print applied on the chest area. This jacket won’t damage your precious devices, and it might turn out to be a perfect “companion” for your training or warm-up sessions.

Tech Hooded Training Jacket By Zanerobe, Fabric Tech Spray Jacket Army By Zanerobe

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