Technical J-28 K Jacket By ACRONYM And Nemen

If you know anything about ACRONYM, then you’re probably aware that this particular brand usually creates all-black apparel pieces. However, the company has decided to mix things up a bit, which is why it partnered up with an Italian brand named NEMEN in order to release the hardshell J28-K Jacket. This piece incorporates ACRONYM’s unique tech-modular design with NEMEN’s high-quality materials, and it is being manufactured in Italy using Japanese membranes.

Technical J-28 K Jacket By ACRONYM And Nemen

The product is then finished using an object-dying treatment, which allows each individual piece to boast its own original look. The jacket is available in several colorways, including white/red, blue/green, and purple.

J-28 K Jacket By ACRONYM And Nemen

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