The Adidas Originals JS Bear I Receives A Tan Colorway

The adidas Originals JS Bear I sneakers created in collaboration with Jeremy Scott were not received with open arms by everyone, but those who actually gave them a try were probably quite happy with their purchase. We’re assuming this because adidas has decided to create a brand new “Tan” colorway for this relatively strange shoe, which manages to blend the unique aesthetics of slippers and high quality adidas shoes.

Adidas Originals JS Bear Footwear by Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals JS Bear I SneakersAdidas Originals JS Bear

To be fair, there is a strong possibility that these shoes won’t be spotted in too many local shops, but fashion designers will probably want to incorporate them in their runway shows. Would you wear a pair of these fuzzy kicks?

Jeremy Scott Bear I Sneakers by adidas Originals Originals JS Bear Adidas Originals Shoes

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