The New Riddell Power SPK+ Adult Football Shoulder Pads

If you are a fan of Riddell products, then you’ve probably heard about the famous Power SPK+ model by now. If not, we’ll tell you that this stunning football shoulder pad is the official successor of the Riddell Power SPK shoulder pad. Just like the Riddell Power SPK, this product flaunts the STAC shoulder system that offers you extra coverage around your shoulders, along with other innovative technologies such as RipKord, which is a release mechanism that can be quickly and easily removed by medical personnel in the event of any injury.

The Riddell Power SPK+ Adult Football Shoulder Pads

The Power SPK+ shoulder pad by Riddell also has an air management liner system that keeps the wearer cool at all times, as well as an attached back plate for a plus of protection. The velvet collar improves overall comfort while the flat pad design offers greater freedom of movement to enhance player performance. Then there’s also removable and adjustable clavicle pads, as well as the Biothane STAC straps and belts for an ideal fit, and the stainless steel hardware.

Power SPK+ Shoulder Pad by Riddell

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