This Is The Ribcor Reckoner Hockey Stick By CCM

The overall quality of a hockey stick can mean the difference between a failed shot and a successful one, and the experts over at CCM are well aware of this fact. They have created one of the most incredible hockey sticks in existence in the form of the Ribcor Reckoner, which isn’t just a lighter and more durable version of its predecessors. Actually, this hockey stick boasts a brand new design, but its core principles have remained the same: to ensure the quickest release possible for the shooter while optimizing puck feel.

CCM’s Ascent Blade Hockey Stick CCM Ribcor Reckoner Hockey Stick

Unlike the Ribcor 40K, the Reckoner boasts a concaved hostel section that replaces the standard multiple-rib design. CCM’s brand new contoured shaft layout is called PopMatrix technology, and it keeps the fibers in tension in order to ensure a quick energy transfer during a shot. As for the blade, the Ribcor Reckoner flaunts CCM’s new Ascent Blade, which features a set of upgrades when compared to its predecessor. These upgrades include a revised design for a softer feel as well as extra lightness, both traits being highly sought-after in the world of hockey. This innovative hockey stick weighs in at just 426 grams or 15 ounces. What do you think about its new features?

Ribcor Reckoner, CCM’s Ascent Blade PopMatrix Technology, CCM’s Ascent Blade Hockey Stick

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