Timberland To Reveal Its Famed Silhouette In Dark Rust

Timberland’s famous boot silhouette has been adopted by numerous other manufacturers over the years, and that’s because this particular model is incredibly close to perfection. For the upcoming fall/winter season, Timberland has decided to unveil a brand new version of this boot named “Dark Rust,” which boasts a premium suede upper that’s completely waterproof.

New Timberland Boots New Timberland Boots Dark Rust

This means that while this footwear piece is incredibly stylish, it is also very functional, which makes it ideal for the upcoming cold months. The main issue with these classic boots is that they’re usually prone to water damage, but with the Dark Rust, there’s no more excuse to skip on Timberland’s offerings for this cold season.

Boots by Timberland Dark Rust Boots by Timberland

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