Timberland’s 6-Inch Boots Receive A Red Mono Colorway

Sneakers are great for the warm season but they won’t do you any favors once autumn and winter arrive. That’s why you should always own a pair of fine boots, and if you’re looking for the highest possible quality, you’d do well to consider some Timberlands. The brand’s renowned 6-inch boots are available in a special version called “Red Mono“, which features a tonal red waterproof nubuck leather upper that rests on top of a gum outer sole.

Red Mono Boots by Timberland

However, if red is not exactly your favorite color, you can go ahead and have a look at the premium leather brogue version of Timberland’s 6-inch boots. No matter your choice, you can be sure that these kicks won’t let you down during the cold season.

Timberland Red Mono BootsTimberland's 6-Inch Boots

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