Top Best TITLE Boxing Body Protectors

The TITLE brand has an outstanding reputation for offering some of the best boxing products on the market. From boxing gloves to training aids, this super brand boasts an extensive product line and first-class technologies.

When it comes to body protectors, TITLE does not disappoint. It offers all kinds of variants that are different from each other and include top superior technologies and features.

TITLE Boxing Body Protectors
TITLE Boxing Body Protectors

Whether you want a protector for your sparring or training sessions, or you are a trainer who wants to work safely, this leading manufacturer offers body protectors in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.

Below you can find some of the best TITLE boxing body protectors that allow athletes and coaches to stay focused and safe.

1. TITLE Boxing Memory Foam Body Protector

Title Boxing Memory Foam guarantees protection from all possible angles.

Having a height of 14″ and a width of 39″, it is designed with 2″ of high-density memory foam that ensures superior shock absorption, while 100% genuine leather construction offers durability and resistance for long-term use.

Its design also includes a moisture-wicking interior liner for extra dryness and comfort. The unique prong closure and hook-and-loop guarantee a secure fit that won’t allow it to move on the body.

This Title boxing body protector delivers reliable protection and mobility during your intense sparring and training sessions.

TITLE Boxing Memory Foam Body Protector

2. TITLE Boxing Combination Body Protector

The TITLE Boxing Combination Body Protector is loaded with 3″ of the softest and most durable, multi-layered padding that attenuates and absorbs shocks and impacts, reducing the risk of injury or damage.

Its sturdy exterior is crafted from 100% genuine leather, making it highly resistant to damage and wear. It measures 33″ around and 24 high” and can cover your ribs and sides.

Its flexible design allows you to move freely, while the full 4″ wide nylon and elastic straps ensure that it stays securely in place.

TITLE Boxing Combination Body Protector

High price

3. TITLE Fighting Sports Tri-Tech Pro Body Protector

Fighting Sports Tri-Tech Pro is a body protector that can be used both in boxing and in other contact sports such as martial arts or kickboxing.

It’s filled with more than 2.5″ of three precision-placed interior foams – K-329 sponge comfort foam, BL05S high-density impact-absorbing foam, and S-2 low-density latex protection foam.

All these padded materials are flexible and molded to the shape of the body so that they absorb absolutely all the force of impacts and shocks. Successfully covering the chest, stomach, and back, this gear has a moisture-wicking inner lining that keeps the athlete cool and dry during training.

In addition to the lining and padding, it comes with molded rib inserts that provide extra support and protection to the ribs without sacrificing freedom of movement.

For an ideal fit, it has two adjustable hook-and-loop back straps and two shoulder straps.

The Fighting Sports Tri-Tech Pro is the most expensive Title body protector on our list with a price of $190.
Fighting Sports Tri-Tech Pro Body Protector

4. TITLE Boxing Blood Red Leather Body Protector

The TITLE Boxing Blood Red Leather Body Protector flaunts a delightful design and an excellent color.

Made to provide essential protection and support during your boxing training session, it is equipped with 4″ thick layered impact-resistant foam padding that helps to protect against damage from impacts.

All this padding is covered with 100% genuine cowhide leather and closed with double-stitched finished seams, which makes it able to withstand even the toughest conditions.

The padded straps are thick and help to hold the body protector securely in place, ensuring stability and a comfortable fit.

At the price of $140, this body protector manages to secure your vulnerable body parts from injury, so that you can focus on performance.

TITLE Boxing Combination Body Protector

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5. TITLE Gel Body Protector

Offering protection to the trainer and athlete, the Title Gel Body Protector incorporates a new gel technology that keeps the product lightweight without making it extremely bulky.

Despite its lightweight, this body protector with its advanced gel technology and 3″ multilayer cell padding ensures you protection even from the heaviest hitters. It is a great choice for those who look for lots of coverage, as it covers from the upper chest to the waistline.

Plus, the adjustable straps of this product allow you to customize the fit to your liking.

Apart from all this, it delivers an excellent range of motion for your arms and maximum freedom of movement, so you can move freely and naturally.

TITLE Gel Body Protector

Best price~quality

6. TITLE Boxing Classic Command Body Protector 2.0, Black/Red

The Title Boxing Classic Command Body Protector is a game-changer for all boxing athletes.

The unique anatomical design provides increased coverage to the body’s target zones like sides, chest, and ribs.

The increased multi-layer foam padding maintains the protector’s lightweight and does not give it a bulky feeling. Instead, it absorbs shocks from all punches, even the hardest ones.

The sweat-absorbing liner of this product helps to keep you dry and comfortable, no matter how intense your activity gets.

On the outside, this body protector is covered with durable synthetic leather, which together with the sturdy threads make it very resistant.

The adjustable straps and seatbelt nylon straps help keep it securely in place, resulting in a good fit without sacrificing any of your mobility.

Out of all the products in its class, this body protector from Title has received the most customer feedback.

TITLE Boxing Classic Command Body Protector 2.0, Black-Red

7. TITLE Boxing Aerovent Elite Pro Body Protector

This TITLE Boxing Aerovent Elite Pro body protector is good for beginner athletes or trainers who want to keep their upper body safe.

It has integrated a new low-density and high-density impact-resistant foam, which combined with another lower layer of shock-absorbing sponge foam, makes it the perfect barrier against all impacts.

Another new feature this protector includes is the innovative Aerovent triple-weave nylon lining that does not promote sweat, but the sweat that does occur dries very quickly.

The straps are adjustable and allow you to create your own perfect fit, while the sturdy PVC security clips secure everything to the end.

The TITLE Boxing Aerovent Elite Pro Bodyguard provides protection to all areas while maintaining a full range of motion.

TITLE Boxing Aerovent Elite Pro Body Protector

8. TITLE Boxing Platinum Prolific Body Protector, Black

Suitable for training and sparring sessions, the Title Boxing Platinum Prolific Bodyguard comes in one size that fits most.

This body protector is made of a lightweight 3″ impact absorbent sponge foam with a layered outer medium and high-density impact-resistant foam that will not let any shock pass through it.

Absorbent inner lining, this product helps keep you cool and comfortable through excellent moisture management.

Other features include adjustable elastic shoulder and back straps and a padded back cushion.

The Title Boxing Platinum Prolific Bodyguard is a top-quality piece, but if you are a taller person you may want to consider a different TITLE body protector as this is better suited for shorter people.
Title Boxing Platinum Prolific Body Protector, Black

Low price

9. TITLE Platinum Body Protector

One thing that will surprise you from the first moment you put this Title Platinum Body Protector on you is how incredibly light it is.

Made with 3″ of multi-layer cell padding, it absorbs very well all kicks, punches, and strikes. Also, its lightweight lets you move nimbly even in combination with a pair of boxing mitts.

It covers well the lower part of the body and can be easily adjusted thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps.

In turn, the straps are also padded for additional protection, support, and secure fit.

It is an excellent lightweight body protector for everybody that wants to work on body shots and lower body techniques.

TITLE Platinum Body Protector

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Final Thoughts

In the end, TITLE has a piece of protective equipment for everyone.

If you want to wear a body protector with boxing mitts, then TITLE has some options that you can try.

Likewise, if you want to train and improve only the low body techniques, you can always try a TITLE body protector with less coverage.

Even if you are looking for full or partial coverage, TITLE has lots of outstanding products designed with boxers’ needs in the mind.

What are some features that you consider when choosing a body protector for boxing or other combat sports?

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