Tonal Plaid Shorts For Golf By Footjoy

Boasting four different colorways named Navy, Pink Azalea, Melon, and Grey, these men’s golf shorts by Footjoy impress with a four-way stretch and a comfort fit supported by a button closure and a generous 10” inseam. The product was created using an easy to care fabric that doesn’t shrink or wrinkle, and it is perfectly suited for those of you who care about your looks when you’re on the green.

Men’s golf shorts by Footjoy Men’s golf shorts by Footjoy, Back Pink golf shorts for men by Footjoy Pink golf shorts for men by Footjoy, Back

Moreover, the flat front construction that’s present in other FJ shorts includes a flat front styling and a pair of side pockets that are deep enough for golf balls and other accessories.

Footjoy golf shorts for men Footjoy golf shorts for men, Back Melon golf shorts for men by Footjoy Melon golf shorts for men by Footjoy, Back

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