Top 11 Best Youth Baseball Bats In 2017

When it comes to picking a good baseball bat, there are quite a few things to consider, whether we’re talking about the player’s age, bat preference and skill level. In order to help you pick out the perfect bat for a young baseball player, we decided to put together a top 11 of the best youth baseball bats in 2017, all of which were created by famed brands such as Rawlings, AXE, and Easton.

Rawlings® VELO™ Ash Youth Wood Bat (-7.5)

Rawlings VELO Ash Youth Bat 2017

Starting off with Rawlings VELO Ash Youth Wood bat, this is a premium product with a balanced swing weight and an Y62 profile. It is aimed at Youth players, and it impresses with a medium-sized barrel and an ultra-thin tac-grip for improved feel at the plate. As its name suggests, this bat was put together using ash wood.

adidas® Phenom Youth Baseball Bat (-12)

adidas Phenom Youth Bat 2017

Durable and designed with utmost performance in mind, the adidas Phenom Youth baseball bat offers a lighter swing speed when compared to similar offerings, which means that it delivers more pop through the hitting zone. It incorporates patented EXOGrid tech that offers exceptional control, stiffness and responsiveness, while an evenly balanced construction from high-grade aluminum provides a high-quality feel.

Axe Element Youth Bat (-13)

Axe Element Youth Bat 2017

What makes the Axe Element Youth bat stand out is that it was created using an incredibly durable Mantic alloy complemented by an angled HyperWhip Cap. This translates to improved power transfer, which gives athletes extra space to accelerate the barrel. Other highlights include an end-loaded swing weight, a one-piece build and a patented Axe handle that encourages a powerful palm-up/palm-down hand position at contact.

Axe Avenge Youth Bat (-11)

Axe Avenge Youth Bat 2017

The -11 version of the Axe Avenge Youth Bat features the same highlights as the -12 variant, but it does come with a lower drop. It was also put together using a composite material, and it features a balanced swing weight as well as a light composite handle that’s flex-tuned for exceptional speed, comfort and whip. Furthermore, its directional hitting face was engineered specifically for durability and performance with one-sided hitting.

Axe Elite Youth Bat 2017 (-12)

Axe Elite Youth Baseball Bat 2017

The Axe Elite Youth Bat 2017 is a perfect choice for young athletes who need a specific visual cue for one-sided hitting. This bat comes with an angled HyperWhip Cap that slopes nicely from the hitting face in order to shave off any unnecessary weight from the non-hitting barrel top. The product was manufactured using a Mantic Alloy/Composite, and it offers an Endogrid handle that minimizes vibrations for extra comfort.

Louisville Slugger Prime 917 Youth Bat 2017 (-10)

Louisville Slugger Prime 917 Youth Bat 2017

The Louisville Slugger Prime 917 was created using an improved TRU3 3-piece construction, which means that it is able to provide an incredibly lightweight feel. Its MicroForm Composite comes with a patented Fused Carbon Structure that delivers exceptional pop, while an improved TRU3 Dynamic Socket Connection enhances durability and provides a superior feel. The 7/8” tapered handle also deserves a mention, as does the -10 drop and the balanced swing weight.

Easton Mako Beast Youth Bat 2017 (-12)

Easton Mako Beast Youth Bat 2017

This is officially the most powerful composite bat ever made by Easton, and that says a lot! The 2017 Mako beast Youth distinguishes itself from other similar offerings with an extended swing speed, and with a Redesigned TCT Thermo Composite barrel that adds much-needed pop and power. The patented two-piece ConneXion tech improves energy transfer for an optimized feel, while the very thin composite handle boasts 1.2mm HYPERSKIN grip.

Easton XL3 Youth Bat 2017 (-11)

Easton XL3 Youth Bat 2017

The Easton XL3 features an extra-long monster barrel, which means that it is able to deliver an immense amount of power. It also comes with a very thin 29/32” handle with a 1.2mm HYPERSKIN grip, and it was manufactured following a one-piece design. The extra-long barrel supports consistent hard contact, and it ensures an expanded sweet spot.

DeMarini CF Zen Youth Bat 2017 (-11)

DeMarini CF Zen Youth Bat 2017

The first Demarini offering on our list is the CF Zen – a high-end composite youth bat that flaunts a Paraflex Composite barrel with 22% stronger carbon fibers. These fibers help create a very large sweet spot as well as a lower MOI, while a D-Fusion 2.0 handle redirects energy to the barrel on contact. The evenly balanced weight distribution supports control and power in equal measure, while a Low Pro End Cap complemented by an RCK Knob further enhances performance.

Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 Youth Bat 2017 (-13)

Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 Youth Bat 2017

This baseball bat is a part of the Omaha 517 series, and it features an aluminum alloy build as well as a one-piece design. It comes with a balanced swing weight that increases bat control and speed through the zone, while a brand new fade synthetic leather grip offers much-needed comfort. This product has a standard 7/8” handle, as well as a -13 drop.

DeMarini Voodoo Youth Bat 2017 (-13)

DeMarini Voodoo Youth Bat 2017

The second DeMarini offering on our list, and the latest bat that we’re going to present today, is the Voodoo Youth, which comes with a composite two-piece construction and a -13 drop. It incorporates a D-Fusion 2.0 handle that redirects energy to the barrel, as well as an evenly balanced weight distribution. It also features a Low Pro End Cap that returns energy to the barrel for extra pop, while the RCK Knob boasts a revolutionary shape and offers an enhanced grip.

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