Top 14 Best Ski Boots For Women

So, you’re thinking about hitting the ski slopes and you’re looking for a fresh pair of women’s ski boots? Fortunately for you, we’re about to present a top 14 regarding the best ski boots for women available on the market right now, but before reading up on each individual pair, there are a few things that you should know first. For example, it is very important to pick a pair of boots that match your needs perfectly, but chances are that you’ll still need to customize the pair after you purchase it in order to make sure that everything sits just right.

Best Ski Boots For Women

Another thing to keep an eye out for is size, obviously. Narrow fitting boots usually come with 98mm lasts, and they are designed to ensure a tight fit as well as a stiff flex. Medium fitting boots have 100mm to 102mm lasts and offer a stiff to medium flex while wide-fitting boots flaunt lasts that are larger than 102mm and feature padded liners as well as other comfort-orientated highlights.

Have a look at the following list of women’s ski boots and make sure to tell us which one is your favorite!

Fischer Zephyr 11 Vacuum

Easy to put on and easy to wear, the Zephyr 11 is a comfortable and reliable boot that received plenty of positive feedback from experts. It was released for the 2014/2015 season and features a flex rating of 110 as well as a last width of 95mm. One of its most impressive highlights comes in the form of a Vacuum molding process, which supports customization by heat softening the shell before compressing it against the foot. Dedicated to advances skiers, the Zephyr 11 features a price tag of $800, and it is worth every single penny.

Fischer Zephyr 11 Vacuum

Atomic Hawx 2.0 100

Next up we have the more affordable Atomic Hawx 2.0 100, which boasts a flex rating of 100 as well as a last width of 100mm. It was also released in 2014/2015 and features a fresh new shell that is completely heat-moldable. It also comes with a Thinsulate layer that maintains warmth for utmost comfort. Possibly one of the most comfortable medium-width boots on our list, this model offers a relaxed fit as well as a flared cuff that was designed to accommodate muscular legs and thicker feet.

Atomic Hawx 2.0 100

Rossignol Electra SI 110

If you’re looking for a boot that will support your thirst for speed and adrenaline, then you’ll definitely want to have a look at the Rossignol Electra SI 110 – a high-performance women’s ski boot that boasts a fur-trimmed liner as well as an energetic flex that ensures impressive responsiveness levels. It comes with a flex rating of 110 and a last width of 97mm. We should also mention its Sensor Inside shell and Thinsulate technology, which ensures much needed thermal insulation.

Rossignol Electra SI 110, Ski Boots for Women

Dalbello Mantis 95

The high-quality Dalbello Mantis 95 is an awesome pair of boots that boasts a flex level of 95 as well as an adjustable cuff spoiler, a unique women’s shell last inspired by the Scorpion/Mantis fit, and a low contour geometry cuff. The last measures 99mm and was designed to ensure a comfortable feel for freestyle and performance mountain skiers. Another interesting addition comes in the form of a Center Balanced Stance, which modifies the traditional stance and boot angles in order to provide irreproachable positioning and superb balance on the slopes.

Dalbello Mantis 95, Ski Boots Women

Tecnica Mach1 105 C.A.S.

This particular boot was designed to enhance performance and speed, and it manages to fulfill its goals admirably. It boasts a flex level of 105 as well as a last width of 100mm, and it is very comfortable even though it was created with performance in mind. All of its most important key fit zones are a bit looser when compared to regular medium-width boots. It offers a perfect balance of comfort and performance, which is why we think that it is an ideal choice for most skiers.

Tecnica Mach1 105 C.A.S. Ski Boots

Head Vector 105

Even though it is quite a bit cheaper when compared to similar offerings, the Head Vector 105 is one of the most reliable and impressive boots on our list. It features a snug liner that envelops the foot and lower leg at entry-level but loosens up considerably on the hill. Its flex varies between 95 and 85 depending on your preference, while its last comes with a width of 101mm. It also boasts an adjustable flex index of 105/95 that absorbs shocks while ensuring much-needed support for all terrain types. We should also mention the Tri INJected frame that provides a plus of rigidity.

Head Vector 105 Ski Boots Women

K2 Spyre 100

The K2 Spyre 100 was designed for women who take their skiing seriously, which is why it boasts an incredible mix of responsiveness and tight fitting. This means that it supports fast and accurate turns without sacrificing comfort, especially since it includes a plethora of customizable elements. Its cuff height is slightly shorter than usual while the boot volume is reduced in certain areas such as the heel. Other noteworthy elements include an Energy Interlock system and PowerFuse SpYne, both of which form a cuff/shell link that replaces conventional rivets.

K2 Spyre 100, Ski Boots Women

Lange RX 110 LV

The Lange RX 110 LV is among the stiffest model in Lange’s RX collection, and since it features a last of just 97mm, it makes sure that you’ll always be able to perform at your best. The boot is manufactured using Lange’s mono-injected process, which is based on a polyether shell. It also comes with four aluminum buckles and a 40mm power strap, which means that these things will hold on to your feet no matter the situation. Last but not least, Thinsulate insulation was implemented for a plus of warmth.

Lange RX 110 LV, Ski Boots Women

Nordica Belle Pro

Tough, reliable and utterly serious: that’s how we can describe the Nordica Belle Pro women’s ski boot. Boasting a medium width fit and a snug heel grip, the boot impresses with a Custom Cork liner that was created using resin and chipped cork medium. These elements were laminated into packets that were inserted along the inside and outside ankle pocket regions on the liner’s exterior. These all-mountain traditionalist boots come with a flex index of 105 and a last width of 100mm.

Nordica Belle Pro, Ski Boots Women

Minaret 100

The K2 Minaret 100 ski boots might look quite ordinary due to their 100mm lasts and 100-flex rating, but they’re actually quite impressive as they can be heat-molded for a perfect fit. This is possible thanks to a LuxFit Tour Intuition liner and a series of replaceable tech-compatible soles that allow the user to choose between alpine, tech and frame alpine touring bindings. This particular model has won a number of prestigious awards including Ski Magazine Gear of the Year and Powder Magazine Skier’s Choice.

Minaret 100 Ski Boots Women

Salomon Quest Pro 100 W

The Salomon Quest Pro 100 W incorporates two highly coveted traits in the world of skiing, namely comfort and performance. They flaunt a 360-degree custom shell that can be molded by qualified ski shops in order to create an ideal fit for any wearer, and the best part is that the entire process usually lasts just 10 minutes. The boot also comes with Ride and Hike technology, which is activated via a switch on the back spine of the boot, and it provides improved hiking ability and more rearward mobility.

Salomon Quest Pro 100 W, Ski Boots Women

RX 100 W

It’s easy to count the RX 100 W ski boots among our favorites, as it comes with impressive Lange fit technologies that are meant to improve the wearer’s comfort as much as possible while supporting high performance. These technologies include a Control Fit liner with padding around the ankle and saddle stitched seams, but we should also tell you about the various width choices that range between 100mm and 97mm. Even though they’re some of the most expensive boots on our list, they’re definitely worth the asking price. Just try them out and see for yourself!

RX 100 W, Ski Boots

Adaptedge 100 W

Featuring a narrow width of just 95 to 99mm, the Adaptedge 100 W women’s sky boot includes a high circumference instep as well as a high calf volume and a stiff flex. This advanced sports equipment features Head’s Spien Tech Alloy Buckles as well as Adaptive Fit Technology that allows the user to customize her boots according to her own needs. Moreover, the liner includes fleece for added warmth and comfort, while the shell is extremely easy to enter and exit.

Adaptedge 100 W, Ski Boots Women

AllTrack Pro 110 W

It’s hard to find a weak spot in the AllTrack Pro 110 W’s armor, and that’s because it was engineered to perfection in order to meet the highest standards of comfort, safety and performance. Created by Rossignol, these kicks have a flex rating of 110 as well as a last width of 100mm, and they are equipped with something called Sensor Grid, which is a milled out grid inserted on the lower shell. This grid has the job of minimizing weight while saving power, and that’s always a big plus in the world of sports.

AllTrack Pro 110 W, Ski Boots Women

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