Top 14 Best Swimming Caps In 2017

Owning a proper swimming cap is mandatory if you take this activity seriously, especially since swimming caps can improve your performance while keeping your hair safe from harm. There are plenty of offerings out there, some made using latex, other out of silicone, and others out of Lycra. There are even neoprene swimming caps available, so choosing the best swimming cap to keep hair dry can be a challenge. We decided to help you out by compiling a list of 14 of the best swimming caps available in 2017.

Wrinkle-Free Silicone Swim Cap By Tyr

Tyr Wrinkle-Free Silicone Swim Cap

You can’t really go wrong with a Tyr silicone swim cap, as these products were designed specifically to ensure protection from chlorine while improving your swimming times. This particular cap also features a wrinkle-free fit that minimizes drag while improving tear resistance. Available colorways include black, green, red, yellow, purple, navy, white, and silver.

Remix Silicone Cap By Speedo

Remix Silicone Swim Cap by Speedo

Another superb silicone-based cap comes from Speedo, and it was dubbed Remix. This Speedo silicone swim cap impresses with a very soft micro grid texture that prevents hair snagging while ensuring long-lasting comfort. The Remix does not contain any Latex, and it comes in four unique colorways named Teal, Black, Radiant Blue, and Pink.

Moulded Silicone Cap By Arena Water Instinct

Arena Water Instinct swim cap to keep hair dry

The Moulded silicone cap by Arena is arguably the best swim cap to keep hair dry, and that’s because it fits perfectly on the wearer’s head. Created using 100% silicone, the cap features various colorways such as Bright Violet/White, Metal Blue/Silver, Fuchsia/White, and Denim/Silver. This product is perfectly suited for long hair, and it comes with a color contrasting Arena logo at the front.

Silicone Long Hair Cap

Speedo swim cap for long hair

Featuring three colorways such as Blue, Silver, and Black, the Speedo swim cap for long hair was created using silicone, which means that it won’t snag or pull your hair. The product is completely Latex-free, and it features an easy on-and-off design, as well as extra space that allows hair to be tucked inside without sacrificing the overall smooth fit.

Adidas Silicone Swim Cap

Adidas Silicone Swim Cap

Adidas’ offering comes in the form of a simple-looking swim cap with two available colorways named White/Black and Black/White. The product was designed to fit nicely and keep the wearer’s head dry, and it shows off a raised adidas branding right above the edge.

Cressi Bi-Color Swim Cap

Bi-Color Silicone Swim Cap by Cressi

Available in White/Blue, the Bi-Color swim cap by Cressi also boasts a 100% silicon build, and it is guaranteed to offer a comfortable fit every single time you put it on. It also ensures protection from the Sun’s rays, which is definitely a big plus if you’re swimming outdoors. The cap is hypoallergenic, it doesn’t include any Latex, and it will never pull your hair no matter what.

Waterproof Extra Large Swim Caps For Long Hair

Red Swim Caps For Long Hair

Some swimmers choose to get short haircuts just so they won’t have to deal with tucking long hair under swimming caps, but if you don’t want to go through all the trouble, you can just buy one of these waterproof swim caps for long hair. They are available in multiple bright colorways, and they can prevent your hair from becoming tangled and dry from swimming pool chemicals. Furthermore, the caps were created using 100% silicone, which means that they are incredibly easy to put on and take off.

Lycra Fiber Swim Cap By Tyr

Lycra Fiber Swim Cap By Tyr

Created specifically for recreational swimmers, this Tyr Lycra swim cap is one of the best swim caps for warm water as it can be used in conjunction with an outer cap without any issues. It’s worth noting that this product doesn’t offer the same insulation as silicone or latex caps, but it definitely matches up when it comes to performance, as it has a precision fit that reduces drag. The material composition is 80% recycled nylon and 20% Xtra Life Lycra Fiber.

Dolfin Uglies Solid Silicone Swim Cap

Yellow Solid Silicone Swim Cap by Dolfin Uglies

This silicone swim cap by Dolfin Uglies features a stretchy yet durable design, and it comes in a single size that fits most head shapes and sizes. For originality, it boasts a small Dolfin Uglies logo on the front side, while the material composition is 100% silicone, which ensures exceptional hair protection in chlorine-treated waters. There are three colorways available for this model, namely Lime, Pink, and Yellow.

Nike Solid Latex Cap

Nike Solid Latex Cap

Featuring simple design with a Nike Swoosh just above the edge, this piece of swimming gear from Nike can protect your scalp and your hair from the unwanted effects of chlorine. The Nike solid latex cap was created using 30 gram latex, and it comes in various colorways such as Volt, Red, Royal, Silver Metallic, Black, Midnight Navy, White, and Digital Pink.

Neoprene Swim Cap By Tyr

Neoprene Swim Cap By Tyr

Tyr is offering some of the best swim caps for cold water, and the one that you’re looking at right now comes in a single black colorway and in sizes S or L. The Neoprene Swim Cap is ideal for open water swimming or triathlons, as it is able to provide exceptional insulation and ear protection. Its built-in chinstrap works perfectly with a flexible central panel in order to ensure a perfect fit, and to make things even better, the cap retains body heat and helps prevent hypothermia.

Friendly Swede Silicone Long Hair Swim Caps

Friendly Swede Silicone Long Hair Swim Caps

These ladies’ swimming caps come in packs of two, and they offer a comfortable fit as well as irreproachable durability thanks to a 100% premium quality silicone build. Dubbed Friendly Swede, the caps are perfect for longhaired swimmers, and they can even help improve overall performance because they come with a hydrodynamic, wrinkle-free design that reduces resistance and drag.

Thermal Neoprene Swim Hood By Roka

Thermal Neoprene Swim Hood By Roka

Roka’s neoprene swim cap with strap comes with a 3-Panel design and an ultrastretch liner that ensures an optimal fit, and with a built-in chinstrap that keeps the cap on the head at all times. The product was created using glue and blind stitch techniques, and it includes 3mm Yamamoto #39 and #40 neoprene with hydrophobic SCS nano coating. It is available in sizes ranging from S to XL, and it features a single black colorway.

Swim Elite Silicone Cap For Long Hair

Silicone cap for long hair wth nose clip

Last but not least, we’re going to tell you a bit about another practical silicone cap for long hair, which is also accompanied by a nose clip. The cap fits most sizes, and it was created using non-slip materials, while comfortable ergonomic ear pockets prevent overpressure and keep water away from the ear canal. The product is available in three colors named Flamingo Pink, Ocean Blue, and Stylish Black.

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