Top 5 Best Ice Hockey Sticks 2017

Ice Hockey is a very technical and complex sport that involves team spirit and exceptional physical condition. Played at a fast pace on an ice rink, it enjoys the greatest popularity in the northern areas, as the cold weather allows organization of outdoor hockey games during the winter months. As for the ice hockey equipment list, besides skates and sticks, it also includes various other items such as helmet, hockey pants, gloves, jersey, shin pads, hockey socks, shoulder pads, elbow pads and neckguard. So, if you’re a fan of this sport, or you practice it, then you should take a look at this top 5 best ice hockey sticks of 2017, all of which were created by famed brands such as CCM, Warrior, and Bauer.

Bauer Nexus 1N Composite Stick

Nexus 1N Composite Stick by Bauer

We’ll start off with this Nexus 1N Composite Stick by Bauer – a stick constructed with TeXtreme® carbon fiber that is 20% lighter than conventional fiber. It comes with a new control shaft geometry with 14% rounder corners that guarantees just the right amount of grip, and with an improved Sweet Spot Technology, which provides a much higher accuracy. Designed with durability in mind, this Bauer ice hockey stick incorporates the eLASTech Technology that consists of a special adhesive, which helps reduce the spread of fractures, whilst the TeXtreme® Technology optimizes the overall balance and strength of the stick.

Synergy GX Stick by Easton

Lightest hockey stick from Easton

One of the lightest hockey stick from Easton is the Synergy GX, which is a perfect choice for young athletes who are looking to have more control on the rink. The Synergy GX hockey stick features all new Shot Boost Technology that consists of four sheets of micro-thin carbon fiber, which are rolled into tubes and inserted at the corners of the shaft thus generating more blade speed. The Hyperlite design eliminates excess material in the taper, while the Exo-Rim blade construction ensures velocity through stability, and helps to power the blade through the puck for a better velocity and accuracy. It’s worth noting that this is a true one-piece hockey stick, which means that it has been constructed through a single molding process named Stealth process.



What we have here is the new CCM RBZ FT1 Stick, which impresses with its Technora Reinforcement, which consists of layers of aramid fibers that provide improved durability due to its bending properties. It offers an increased smash factor and an improved structure when compared to similar offerings, which means that it delivers more power on each shot. Last but not least, we should mention the PowerHosel 2 Technology in the taper of this CCM hockey stick that guarantees a better energy transfer when shooting the puck.

Warrior Alpha QX4 Hockey Stick

Warrior Alpha QX4 Hockey Stick

Featuring a True1 Phantom design, the Alpha QX4 by Warrior is a a single-piece stick with a fully molded blade and shaft that offers an improved balance and responsiveness. Warrior’s brand new taper design is called Sabre, and it creates a torsionally stiff extended mid-low flex arc in order to ensure an improved shot accuracy. Warrior has also implemented its outstanding ergonomic contour shaped shaft, which enhances touch for better deking, dragging and shooting, while the reinforced pro grip delivers a tacky soft grip feel to prevent slips.

Sher-Wood REKKER EK60 Hockey Stick

Sher-Wood REKKER EK60 Hockey Stick

We’re going to end our list with one of the lightest composite hockey stick available on the market right now. Named REKKER EK60, this Sher-Wood hockey stick was put togheter using carbon fiber infused with graphene, which is why it boasts a weight of 385 grams. Thanks to graphene, which is a nano material about 200 times stronger than steel, the REKKER EK60 is also one of the strongest hockey stick you can buy. The EKORE technology, which is the name of the manufacturing process used to produce this Sherwood hockey stick, increases durability and allows a better puck feel. As for the blade, it boasts a carbon fiber reinforcement that runs heel to toe, providing an improved accuracy.

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