Top Best Paintball Gloves In 2023

Best gloves for paintball
Best gloves for paintball

Developed for the first time in the 1980s, paintball is an engaging and fun game that involves eliminating your opponents from play by hitting them with dye-filled, breakable, oil and gelatin paintballs or pellets.

These projectiles are usually fired from compressed air or carbon dioxide-powered “paintball markers,” so as you can probably imagine, this game is impracticable without proper protective gear.

We’re talking about helmets, body armor, pants, and gloves, and today we’re going to focus on fifteen of the best paintball gloves.

Types Of Paintball Gloves

There are four types of paintball gloves. Each offers a certain degree of protection, control, grip, and mobility. Understanding the different options available will help you to make an informed decision and choose the right gloves for your paintball experience.
The four types of paintball gloves are:


Best Fingerless Paintball Gloves
These gloves are an option for those who want maximum dexterity and control. As the name suggests, they do not cover the fingers and leave them exposed. This design with uncovered fingers gives the paintball player better trigger control and easy maneuvering of the paintball gun.

Instead, the fingerless gloves offer good protection and coverage to the palm and wrist area. Some of these gloves even have padding in the palm area.

Two Fingerless

Best Two Fingerless Paintball Gloves
The two fingerless gloves offer coverage over the entire hand, minus the index and thumb fingers. These two fingers remain exposed for improved control during the paintball game. Their popularity is increasing among paintball players due to the increased protection and better dexterity.


Best Full-finger Paintball Gloves
Full-finger gloves for paintball offer protection for the entire hand. They cover the wrist, palm, and fingers from any impact. Your hands do not suffer any scratches, cuts, or bruises that can be caused by different paintball equipment.

The players who prefer protection in favor of control can choose such gloves. Besides all these, this type of glove also keeps the hands warm in conditions with lower temperatures.

Sleeve Type

These gloves extend from the wrist to close to the elbow. The sleeve gloves do not cover the fingers, ensuring greater freedom of movement of the fingers. It molds to the arm and stays in place thanks to the thumbhole.

Why Do You Need Paintball Gloves

The paintball gloves are an essential part of the equipment of paintball players. During the paintball sessions, the hands are subjected to a major effort through contact with the paintball gun. Not to mention that, in this activity, there is also the risk of falling and leaning on your hands. In this way, they are prone to cuts, bruises, scratches, and even calluses.

If you don’t want damaged and painful hands, then this is the first reason why you should wear paintball gloves. They feature excellent cushioning inside the palm that reduces fatigue and discomfort during a long paintball game.

A second reason that proves that wearing paintball gloves is a good choice is control and grip. Through the coverage and rubber they have, the gloves ensure better handling of the paintball gun. So, you should better be equipped with some gloves to have the best possible performance.

In summary, paintball gloves protect the hands, enhance grip and mobility, and increase comfort during gameplay.

How To Choose The Right Paintball Gloves

In choosing the right ones, you have to decide what kind of paintball gloves you want. The four types of fingerless gloves, full finger gloves, two-finger off and sleeve gloves are at your disposal. Once you’ve made your decision, take a look at the options available.

A good paintball glove must provide you with good durability, be well-ventilated so that your hand does not sweat, and have a snug and comfortable fit.
Durability, breathability, and soft feel are characteristics that the material of the gloves must fulfill. If the material is a superior one, then the paintball gloves last for a long period even with frequent use.

Most manufacturers prefer to make leather gloves for a chic aesthetic appearance. Others integrate, in addition to leather, premium synthetic material that also contributes to an increased grip.
Always consult the size chart of the brand you are interested in buying from. This will guide you on how to measure your hand and what size fits you.

Two Fingers vs Full-finger vs Fingerless Gloves

Table 1. Two Fingerless vs Full-finger vs Fingerless Gloves
Two Fingerless Paintball GlovesFull-finger Paintball GlovesFingerless Paintball Gloves
  • Ensures protection the palm, wrist, and fingers except two of them
  • Delivers a good air ventilation
  • Better dexterity and control
  • Provides comprehensive hand protection, covering the fingers, wrist, and palm
  • Keeps the hands warm in low temperature conditions
  • Great dexterity
  • Promotes unrestricted finger mobility
  • No protection for those two fingers that are exposed
  • Do not provide optimal protection in colder weather conditions
  • Decreased dexterity
  • Reduced finger mobility
  • Can cause overheating and sweating in hot weather
  • Reduced protection for fingers
  • Increased risk of cuts and scrapes
  • Do not offer any warm during cold and wet weather conditions

1. Best Fingerless Paintball Gloves

1.1 Fuyuanda Tactical Gloves

Well-made and super affordable, these Fuyuanda gloves are made with paintball in mind, but no one says they can be used for other activities.

In the palm area, they have an artificial leather that increases resistance but also offers a better grip and traction.

Thanks to these advantages, these gloves can also be used brilliantly in mountain hiking or cycling.

Their microfiber material is elastic and prevents perspiration. The palm has nylon webbing which, together with the hook-and-loop closure, keeps the wrist stable and reduces the risk of slipping.

Furthermore, the half-finger design also includes a resistant, but flexible rubber in the area of the knuckles, which protects against any impact.

Fuyuanda Tactical Gloves For Paintball

Low price

1.2 Mrsight Fingerless Tactical Paintball Gloves

The Mrsight Gloves Military fingerless paintball gloves have a design inspired by the gloves worn by Dwayne Johnson in the Fast and Furious series.

With a sleek and modern style, these paintball gloves boast a construction made from faux leather. They are sturdy, but the strong seams make them indestructible.

Although they are fingerless, these gloves keep the hand surprisingly warm in cold temperatures. During hot weather, they ensure ventilation and do not allow hands to sweat.

The gloves have padding only in the area of the fingers and knuckles. Inside the palm, there is no padding, just the material. But in paintball, the padding is more important to be in the knuckles area because there you risk being hit with a paintball.

The design integrates Velcro on the wrist. There are two straps: one is on the outside of the wrist with a Velcro, and inside the wrist, there’s another one with a metal ring that you can tighten to your liking too.

These fingerless paintball gloves do not impede dexterity or paintball gun control and provide moderate protection to your knuckles.
Best Fingerless Paintball Gloves

2. Best Two Fingerless Paintball Gloves

2.1 Glove Station Hyper-Fit Tactical Paintball

If you don’t want to sacrifice your protection, but you’d like to have more control, try these Glove Station Hyper two-finger paintball gloves.

The paintball gloves have a structure made of neoprene material. Offering ample breathability, this fabric feels good on the skin and does not overheat the hands. Your hands are comfortable inside these gloves and you can shoot the opponents without issues.

Their relatively low weight does not make the hands uncomfortable or heavy. The tailored fit and the quite thin and not bulky structure make you forget that you are wearing them on your hands.

The design with two uncovered fingers allows access to the triggers. At the same time, even if you are hit with a paintball in your hand, you are not injured. Of course, you feel a bit the hit because they don’t have bulky padding, but you won’t have cuts, scratches, or any blood.

The palm area has a hexagonal silicone coating that helps with the grip and control of the gun in the hand. That minimizes the risk of dropping the paintball gun.

The only thing I could say that can be improved at these two-finger paintball gloves is the seams from the wrist.
Best two-fingerless paintball gloves - Glove Station Hyper-Fit Tactical

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2.2 Seibertron T.T.F.I.G 2.0 Tactical Gloves

The Seibertron T.T.F.I.G 2.0 men’s gloves have a special design to make you feel comfortable with them on your hand.

The design includes two fully-covered fingers and another three that are only half-covered. The three partially covered fingers allow you to juggle various objects without taking the gloves off your hand.

You can easily win a point in your paintball game and unlock your fingerprint-locked phone.

On the exterior, the gloves have an S-flexible rubber in the upper part for the protection of the back of the hand, in the knuckle area, and also along the fingers. This rubber has special properties that absorb the impact energy.

Other features of these gloves are the anti-slipper fabric in the palm for a good grip and Velcro closure for a tight fit.

Seibertron T.T.F.I.G 2.0 Men's Tactical Gloves

3. Best Full-finger Paintball Gloves

3.1 Exalt Death Grip – Full Finger Skeleton Hand Glove with Bones

The Exalt Death Grip full-finger paintball gloves have a cutting-edge design with 3D-contoured rubber bones on the fingers. In addition to the cool design, the rubber absorbs the shock in case of impact.

The full-finger style makes sure that the whole hand is covered and protected. However, the tailored and snug fit is not uncomfortable and lets you control the paintball gun and the trigger. Inside the palm, there’s also high-end silicone too, which improves the grip even more.

As materials, these gloves have synthetic leather in the palm and a neoprene exterior structure. Both the fingers and the palm remain dry and cool thanks to the properties of the material.
During cold weather, the gloves manage to keep the hands warm. However, if the temperature drops below 40 °F, they are no longer suitable.

Near the wrist, there is a small velcro strap that stabilizes the hand during sudden movements.

The fact that their stitching is durable and their material sturdy makes them among my favorites.

Best Full-finger Paintball Gloves

3.2 Kemimoto Gloves For Paintball

Impress your friends on the paintball field with these gloves from Kemimoto.

Great to help you dominate the game, these gloves have a full-length design and a microfiber material.

The palms are padded and reinforced with a double-layer synthetic leather resistant to abrasion, cuts, punctures, and tears.

The entire structure of the glove has double-stitch seams that add durability.

The adjustable wrist closure ensures a secure fit, while the anti-slip design offers excellent grip and dexterity during the game.

kemimoto Tactical Gloves For Paintball

3.3 AXBXCX Protective Gloves

AXBXCX Touchscreen Paintball Gloves for Men are designed to stand up to the toughest conditions.

Manufactured from durable microfiber artificial leather, these gloves feature rugged construction and touchscreen fingertips.

You can use your device while wearing the gloves. The reinforced palm ensures superior grip and abrasion resistance, while the Velcro secures the hands.

Lots of people choose to wear these paintball gloves in activities such as riding, hiking, climbing, and even cycling.

AXBXCX Protective Gloves For Paintball

3.4 TAC9ER Kevlar Gloves For Paintball

These gloves differ from all the others presented above in that they are windproof, and not only that.

They flaunt a cut-resistant Kevlar lining, which is a durable, but light material. This material protects you against the wind and even keeps your hands warm even in lower temperatures.

On the outside, the rubber elements on the knuckles and fingers offer increased protection, while the neoprene material keeps your hands comfortable.

Also, they have an anti-slip design and touchscreen fingertips for easier handling of the mobile phone.

These gloves are perfect for a game of paintball, but also for gardening, woodworking, or even construction.

TAC9ER Kevlar Gloves For Paintball

4. Best Padded Paintball Gloves

4.1 HK Army Paintball Pro Gloves

The Pro Gloves from HK Army with their two-fingerless design allow you to keep playing comfortably and focused. They are made from neoprene and ensure enough ventilation and airflow to prevent hands from sweating. Although the material is durable and elastic, it is not suitable for rainy days. They work better on dry and sunny days.

The fit is just right, not too tight but not too loose either. When you first wear them, they may feel tighter, but they break in pretty quickly.

The custom silicone covers the entire palm area. The silicone gives more grip and control over the paintball gun.

Compared to other paintball gloves, these HK Army two-fingerless exceed all expectations when it comes to padding. They have an above-average padding level and can easily be included at the top of the best paintball gloves.

Although they have a great amount of padding, they remain flexible and do not limit the range of motion. You still have total control of the gun. Also, they stay lightweight, and your hands do not feel tired even during long games.

What I like about them besides the padding is their length. They are so long that they cover the wrist very well. The stitching is also pretty sturdy and holds up pretty well even after intensive use.
HK Army Paintball Pro Gloves

4.2 WTACTFUL Rubber Guard Gloves

These gloves can be a great accessory for activities such as paintball, airsoft, and hiking. And this is not all. Due to the quality of materials and the fact that they are very well built, they can be used in even lumbering and heavy industries.

They are made of sturdy and flexible microfiber, and on top of that, they have a thermoplastic rubber that will protect your hands from paintball shots.

The palm has extra padding that successfully distributes impacts, ensuring a perfect grip. The adjustable hook-and-loop wrist strap provides a secure fit.

Finally, they do have touchscreen capabilities on all fingers, which is a huge plus as well.

WTACTFUL Rubber Guard Protective Full Finger Tactical Gloves

5. Best Cheap Paintball Gloves

5.1 AXBXCX Breathable Gloves

Featuring a sleek design and full coverage, these gloves are crafted from a form-fitting polyester mesh material. This material offers great flexibility to move your fingers as naturally as possible, but also protection.

At the same time, the gloves offer good breathability and your hands stay dry and cool.

In the knuckles area, the gloves have hard elements that protect the entire area from any damage or injury. Plus, the finger area is also equipped with touchscreen capabilities, to stay connected all the time.

AXBXCX Breathable Touch Screen Full Finger Tactical Gloves for Paintball

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5.2 Maddog Half-Finger Paintball Gloves

If you want a pair of gloves with less coverage, but a high level of protection, here are the Maddog gloves for paintball.

They have a half fingers design that protects you from any impact but also gives you freedom of movement.

The gloves have a mesh fabric that helps your hand stay cool and comfortable, so you can win points. The padded palm provides a secure grip and maximum protection.

The securing of these gloves is done by an elastic strap that gives the glove a snug fit.

Maddog Tactical Half-Finger Paintball Gloves

5.3 HWI Gear KTS100

Created using 100% leather, this glove is fully compatible with touchscreen devices, all thanks to an innovative Touch Tool design.

It also comes with an ergonomic palm reinforcement created using an abrasion-resistant Clarino grip material, and with a flexible, moisture-wicking material inserted on the back of the hand.

Touchscreen Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves by HWI Gear

5.4 Mission Made Tactical Gloves

With these gloves for paintball, you can turn every chance into a win.

They are designed with a ribbed ottoman, neoprene, and microfiber exterior ensuring long-lasting performance. The palm area and the fingers have a polyurethane fabric that keeps you protected with each move.

The breathable materials keep your hands dry and comfortable, while the hard molded elements in the knuckles area provide plenty of protection.

The fingertips are designed to allow you to access touchscreen devices at any time you want.

The gloves are closed with a hook-and-loop that helps support the ankle and provides a perfect fit.

Mission Made Hellfox Tactical Gloves

5.5 Wtactful Tactical Gloves

These Wtactful gloves can help you become the best on your paintball team.

Providing superior protection, you can focus only on your game. They are made from durable microfiber artificial leather combined with a stretch nylon fabric that keeps your hands cool and comfortable in the most intense moments.

The design offers full coverage on all fingers. Plus, three of the fingers incorporate a friendly touching function that allows you to access the mobile phone easily without taking them off.

The palm area is reinforced to prevent injuries, and the wrist area has a hook-and-loop closure for total support.

wtactful Tactical Gloves for Men


Should You Wear Paintball Gloves?

Yes, you should wear gloves for paintball. Your hands are heavily involved during this fun activity.

Wearing paintball gloves provides several benefits protection through the coverage and padding inside the palm, mobility, and grip.

They are a shield for your hands when using the paintball gun, or when you crawl, hide, or get hit.

Paintball gloves greatly reduce the risk of injury and you should definitely wear a pair.

What Type Of Paintball Gloves Do You Need

It is not so difficult to find the answer to the question of what type of paintball gloves you need. You have to analyze your play style and identify your needs during the game.

Because I cannot know your style, I can help you by displaying what needs each type of paintball glove successfully fulfills.

Need for dexterity and finger mobility: Fingerless paintball gloves let you operate the paintball gun with agility and ease. They give you full control and freedom of movement of your fingers. You will not experience any discomfort with this type of gloves.

Need for better protection: Then, take a look at a pair of full-finger paintball gloves. These gloves have a design that covers the entire hand. Both the palm and the fingers are protected from any dangers. The downside is that dexterity will suffer because covered fingers are not as fast as those without. But, your main need is protection, right?

Need for a perfect balance of dexterity and protection: Two-finger gloves are an option classified between fingerless and full-finger gloves. They protect the hand, but they also give you speed in controlling the paintball gun through those two fingers.

Final Thoughts

Paintball gloves come to the aid of any player who wants increased dexterity.

They also fulfill the role of protecting you from any blow and minimizing the risk of painful bruises.

All the paintball gloves on our list are light, durable, and versatile enough.

Most of them have a touchscreen finger, so you don’t have to take them off every time you want to access a device. In addition, they all have materials and rubber capable of equally distributing the shock of repeated blows.

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