Ultra Light Sparring Headgear By Ringside

Even though it weighs just 10 ounces, the Ultra Light Sparring Headgear by Ringside offers exceptional protection, as it was created using tough synthetic leather. It incorporates the company’s exclusive Flex-Panel Technology, which means that its panels expand and contract depending on what the user is doing at any given time.

Ultra Light Sparring Headgear By Ringside

There’s also a Quick Time Tech lacing system, which allows the user to tighten the headgear by simply pulling the laces once. The interior features a moisture-wicking liner created using a mix of polyester and elastic. Other highlights include an adjustable hook & loop chin strap, as well as a Red/White/Black colorway.

Ringside Ultra Light Sparring Headgear , Back Ringside Ultra Light Sparring Headgear

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